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How to respond to a review

Before a customer steps through the door, your reputation may be at stake. Here's "how" and "why" you need to respond to online reviews. Positive ReviewsIf a good customer leaves a glowing...

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How to create a successful web ad

Anyone can launch a web ad campaign. However, if done incorrectly, you may see little return on your investment. Here’s how to get the most ROI from your web ad campaign: Keep it simple...

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What is SEO and how to boost it

How do search engines work?Search Engines like Google and Yahoo! have bots that crawl and gather information on the internet to build an index. From there, the information is fed through an...

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Local Search and five ways your business can benefit from it

What is local search?Local search is the use of Internet search engines that allows a user to submit geographically constricted searches against a database of local business listings. In layman...

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Six things that restaurants can do during the Covid-19 pandemic

Small businesses are facing tough times as we—as a nation—face the novel Corona virus and are instructed to practice social distancing. Governor DeWine announced Sunday, March 15 that...

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