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The Dance Institute at The University of Akron

Teaching ballet, pointe, contemporary, jazz, tap and more, along with offering Pilates classes, the staff of The Dance Institute at The University of Akron is confident that they serve a wide variety...

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Painting Solutions will have you embracing the winter blues…or grays, or greens, or whatever color your heart desires

August can be a tricky month. We have one foot hanging onto summer while the other is dipping its toe into fall. The weather is still warm, but the kids are heading back to school and we’re...

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How will My Personal Trainer pump you up to get you to your goal?

Marketing experts coined the term “customer stickiness” to describe a company or a brand that tends to attract repeat business. Here in Wadsworth, one of the stickiest training studios...

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Wearing your wine

We all drink and even cook with wine, but have you heard of wearing it? Through experimentation wineries find uses for the grape skins, pulp, seeds and stems left over after the winemaking...

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Lumina Imaging and Diagnostics in Medina offers Low-Cost CT and CT with contrast scans

CT and MRI scans are diagnostic tools doctors use in the determination of disease, the extent of an injury or the cause of pain a patient is experiencing. Often, though, just getting a scan...

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Flourishing After 50 — The most important decision

Many of my clients struggle with decision-making and this keeps them stuck in their lives. This often happens because they fear making the “wrong” decision. In reality, there isn’t one...

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