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When it comes to concrete, go with a pro

“We specialize in concrete surfaces,” says Greg Mata, owner of Cutting Edge Decorative Concrete, the Richfield-based company he founded 23 years ago. “We understand the science of concrete,...

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Soar and restore at Synergy Sports Therapy

No matter your age, your profession or your fitness level, chances are good you’re looking for that extra edge when it comes to physical and mental performance. Since opening Synergy Sports...

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The Meaningful Moments program at JEA Senior Living

It’s like walking into a perfectly decorated, high-end model home, with every detail—from the charming accents to the immaculate, carefully chosen furnishings—oozing richly appointed...

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An extra-strength boost

Most people feel like they pay into their homeowner’s insurance without getting much out of it. While it’s ideal for providing the security of protection and peace of mind in general, on a...

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What do power lifters and a pregnant women have in common?

They both tend to suffer from hemorrhoids. But hemorrhoids can happen to just about anyone. They can happen to teenagers and they can happen to golden agers. So how and why do they happen? There...

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