Digital Marketing Services


Extend your audience beyond Mimi Magazine and get highly-targeted eyes on your brand.

Five Ways to Target Online Ads:

  1. Search Retargeting: Your ad displays to people who are searching for your product or service.
  2. Site Retargeting: Your ad displays to people who have already visited your website.
  3. Contextual Targeting: Your ad displays to people who visit a specific type of website, have specific online behaviors or fit into specific demographic categories.
  4. Geo Targeting: Your ad displays to your audience based on their geographic location.
  5. Mobile Hyper Local (Geofencing): Your ad displays to your audience within a predefined virtual fenced area.

Here’s how Mimi is different:

  • Premium brand-safe sites
  • Low minimums and extremely competitive pricing
  • Same systems that big brands and publishers use now
  • Access to all available online inventory in your marketing area 
  • Highly experienced digital marketers managing your campaign to deliver best results 
  • Drive high-quality traffic to your digital showroom
  • Connection to and synergies with your Mimi advertising
  • Industry-best monthly reporting and analytics to track campaign performance


Take control of your online brand.

  • Accurate Online Presence: Mimi will ensure that your business information is correct and consistent across the most popular websites, maps and apps.
  • Professional Marketing Content: Your business will STAND OUT on the most popular directories with professional images and strategic messaging from our local team of experienced writers and photographers.
  • Optimized Place Pages: We’ll develop and optimize your Google My Business Listing (and other place pages) where more and more consumers are searching for the information they need.
  • A Local Team of Support: A Marketing Strategist, Content Specialists, and a Local Search Manager (all located right here in Northeast Ohio) will work together to build your online presence.
  • Mimi Featured Business Listing Page: Be featured on Mimi’s popular website with a Featured Business Listing, including professional photography, business summary, hours, map, website link, and links to social media.
  • Easy-to-read Analytics: You’ll receive quarterly marketing metrics that help you track and measure your results.

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