Digital Marketing Services

Is your business reaching today's massive online audience?

With so many companies offering quality products and services, if your business is buried in search results to the point that consumers cannot find you online, you essentially don't exist.


Even if you work hard to rank near the top of the search results, that's not enough. It's equally important that you STAND OUT from the competition, all of whom are fighting to capture the eye, the "click," and ultimately—the sale.

Mimi Vanderhaven partners with businesses to tackle this labor-intensive digital opportunity in a cost-effective manner. Plus, we not only ensure your success today, we stay on top of the industry to ensure your success tomorrow.

Local Search Listing Management

Local Search is any search aimed at finding something in a specific geography, such as “kitchen remodeler Cleveland” or “coffee shop near me.”

Today's search results are a mix of images, graphics and text from directory listings that YOU must manage to get "on the map."

Search your business name in Google and you'll likely see a link to your website along with links to your business listings on major directories, such as Yelp, Yahoo, Yellow Pages, and more. But even more important is your Google My Business Listing. Your Google listing—and your listings on other major directories—can generate over 10 times more views than your own website each month.

That's why it is critical to manage all of your directory listings. Together, they make up your online reputation.

If you aren't managing your online information, someone else is. We'll help you do it right!

Review Generation Tool
  • 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a local business
  • 70% of consumers are willing to leave an online review when asked but less than 10% of those customers know how to do so
  • Customers that have had a bad experience are three times more likely to leave a negative review than those who had a good experience
  • 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member

Online reviews provide your business with visibility and credibility. Reviews help your business appear in front of your potential customers on search engines and help them choose you over your competitors.

Today, businesses need to do more than simply monitor their online reputation. You need to generate reviews strategically and proactively in an authentic way that makes it simple and intuitive for your customers to leave a positive review.

Don't leave your reputation in the hands of your detractors. Make it as easy as possible for your satisfied customers to leave you a positive review on Google, Facebook, and over 100+ industry specific review sites so that your business can "Look Good" and "Get Found".

Snap Sites

Your website should be the most trusted source of information about your business, and have engaging content that clearly communicates what makes you unique and better than your competitors.

We offer single-page and five-page Snap Site solutions. Our process is simplified to get your website loaded with professional content and uploaded in a "snap."

Ready to get started? Contact us today to Stand Out, Look Good and Get Found!

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