A booster shot for health benefits

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By Dr. Richard Berry, Maple Health DPC

Healthcare benefits help attract and retain great people. If offered access to more benefits, 73% of employees would stay with their current employer longer, according to a MetLife 2024 study. The same report showed nearly two in five employees think their benefits do not reduce stress.

There’s room for improvement.

Imagine a workplace where every employee has immediate access to health care without the stress of long waiting times or high insurance deductibles. This is not just a hopeful vision but a reality with Maple Health Direct Primary Care’s (DPC) new employer packages. At the same time, employers can reduce out-of-pocket medical expenses while combining insurance coverage with direct primary care as a wraparound program.

DPC is a model that allows you to see a clinician conveniently and cost-effectively for a range of healthcare needs. Your DPC clinician provides family doctor services, such as treatment of sprains and minor procedures to lab tests, wellness checks and physicals. Insurance would then cover specialists, imaging, hospitalization, and catastrophic illnesses.

For employers who do not offer health insurance benefits to hourly workers, DPC acts as an affordable stand-alone program so you can ensure every employee has immediate access to healthcare.

A DPC benefit as a stand-alone or wraparound provides your workforce with a sense of security and shows appreciation for their wellbeing.

Give your employees immediate access to healthcare starting at only $70 per month. Maple Health DPC employer packages offer a bottom line-friendly way to ensure employees receive the care they need when they need it. Learn more at MapleHealthDPC.com or call 440-655-8017.