A call to Lamphear’s landscaping experts will begin your yard’s dream transformation

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Talk about curb appeal...this entry bed provides both a warm welcome home and screens the inside view of the garages a little more each year.

By Ken McEntee

There isn’t a lot the Lamphear’s landscaping team hasn’t experienced over the last 22 years, suggests owner Kory Lamphear.

“After being involved in thousands of jobs, we’ve developed an extensive idea bank we can tap into to help come up with ideal solutions to beautify any yard or property,” insists Kory, who launched the business before he was old enough to drive a truck. “Oftentimes people may not know how to give their landscaping that extra pop they like to see when they pull in the driveway. That’s where we come in. We stand out in our ability to look things over and explore solutions that they may not have thought about. Maybe it’s building a mound in the back yard with a variety of gorgeous plants, adding some evergreens for privacy or installing some sandstone accents.”

After working with Lamphear’s to plan your refurbished yard, you can be sure the company’s talented and reliable landscape enhancement team will show up when they say it will, and complete the work in a skilled, professional manner, Kory promises.

Kory Lamphear has grown his business into what is arguably one of the largest and best landscaping and lawn maintenance businesses in the state.

“We’ve built our reputation and have grown by running an honest business and making sure our customers are thrilled with our work,” he says.

A Stable Reputation
After starting with a single push mower, Lamphear’s now operates 10 mowing crews, six landscaping crews and two landscape construction crews—all supervised by a team of long-tenured, trusted managers, most of whom have been with the company for 10 to 15 years.

Kevin Mick, for example, started to plow snow for Lamphear’s in 2006 and is now the general manager. Kory’s cousin, Marcus Neuman, the Lawn Division manager, cut grass with Kory before the company started.

Lamphear’s management team offers your project their years of experience and wisdom. From left to right: Kory Lamphear, Kevin Mick, Marcus Neuman, Dom Accordino, Andrew Jaeger, Dave Kupiec, Josh Jett and Ray Hoisington.

“We retain solid managers and employees because they all believe in our goal of efficient, professional customer service,” Kory explains. “We’ve also purchased a lot of equipment that allows us to tackle any type of work and get it done in a timely fashion. People don’t want a company that is going to take two weeks to do a project that should take two days. We have a lot of rubber track machines, so we can get into people’s yards any time of the year with minimal damage to the ground.”

Don’t Fall Behind
The vibrant plants for stunning landscaping homeowners may enjoy during the summer often are the result of work done in the fall, Kory says.

This border bed will provide beauty and year-round interest while requiring minimal maintenance.

“Getting landscape projects done in the fall can extend the enjoyment of the results in the spring and summer,” he advises. “Summer is a busy time and the most sought-after companies can be scheduled for several months out. For example, our lawn maintenance schedule is already full for this year. If you wait too long on your project, you could miss an entire season of enjoyment. To be sure to get your landscaping project on our fall calendar, we suggest you give us a call as soon as possible.”

Popular fall projects include yard “revamps,” Kory reveals. “People want a new look in their yard, or maybe they bought an existing home and want to personalize the yard the way they want it. We can rip out a little of it, or all of it, and create a whole new environment. We can add privacy or alter the grading. Using our 3D design software, we can show customers what their new landscaping is going to look like around their home.”

Lamphear’s hardscape and patio projects also are reserved for the fall, Kory notes.

Much of Lamphear’s varied nursery stock is large enough to look well established right away but small enough to easily handle.

Retail Service
Green thumbers who want to tackle planting a tree or bush on their own may want to stop in at Lamphear’s supply yard, which opened in 2020.

“That’s where we make our sturdy, healthy, commercial-quality plants available to the public,” Kory says. “We have a full nursery with shrubs and trees and a full lineup of landscaping materials, like brown and black mulches, topsoil and different varieties of stone. We’re growing some of the trees in-house right on the property.”

Dirty Hands
After 23 years, Kory says he still can’t get himself to manage his company from behind a desk.

“I like to get my hands dirty,” he says. “I’m out in the field with the landscape construction crews most days, bouncing from job to job. We’re doing a lot of new construction projects for home builders. They trust us because of the reputation we’ve built in the Medina community. Being born and raised in Medina County, I’m proud to be a hometown company that does top-quality work and stands by our word, the old-fashioned way.”

You can begin having your landscape revamped by calling Lamphear’s at 330-725-2102. Do-It-Yourselfers can visit Lamphear’s Supply Yard at 3344 Pearl Road, in Medina for mulch, decorative stone products, topsoil, Sweet Peet compost and nursery stock. Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Visit LamphearLawn.com for more information.