A floor-to-ceiling garage makeover from Encore Garage Ohio creates more space to gather

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Encore Garage Ohio can transform your parking spaces into a place where parties happen, with ease.

By Ken McEntee

You knew the day would come when you could once again host a gathering of more than 10 guests, including your labradoodle. But now that the invitation list for your kid’s graduation party exceeds the perimeter of a business card, where are you going to put everybody?

Mike Padden, owner of Encore Garage Ohio, may have the solution.

“Your garage is often the largest room in your house,” Mike observes. “Why not put it to a better use than just a parking spot?”

Turning your garage into party central is an ideal way to reclaim all that extra space you didn’t even realize you had, Mike suggests. And it starts with the floor.

Encore’s Flex-Core advanced polyaspartic floor coating not only beautifies your garage floor, but also protects it from ugly chipping, pitting and cracking.

“Your garage floor can be the life of the party,” Mike insists. “With a nearly unlimited variety of spectacular colors and patterns available, our coatings are stunning in appearance—and they couldn’t be easier to take care of.”

It’s one thing when Uncle Olly bounces a wet barbecue rib down the front of his shirt, but what if the sloppy bone plops all the way down to the floor?

No problem.

Encore’s Flex-Core is literally stain proof, Mike promises.

“Even oil and grease can’t deface our floors,” he insists. “All you need is a hose and a squeegee to keep the floor looking like new for many years. It is seamless and non-porous, so liquids can’t seep down and attack the concrete below.”

Meanwhile, Encore’s storage and organizing systems are ideal components to really keep your new party area neat and tidy.

Encore is now celebrating its 13th year of serving Northeast Ohio residents and businesses.

“We’re a one-stop shop for floor-to-ceiling garage enhancement and renovation,” Mike explains. “Our steel, powder-coated garage cabinetry is not only tough and versatile, but it is also very attractive.”

You can get started on your new party venue by calling Encore Garage Ohio for a no-cost consultation at 330-922-4411 (Akron area) or 440-668-8953 (Cleveland area). For more information, visit EncoreGarageOhio.com.