According to Exactly real estate, it’s better to sell quickly than to hold out

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Exactly charges a flat fee for listing and selling a home, instead of a percentage of the sale. Pricing your home to sell quickly and for more money is their specialty.

By Laura Briedis

During this hot real estate market, in which houses are selling fast and often over asking price, Kevin Wasie, owner of Exactly real estate company, says many clients remark that they don’t want to sell their house too fast and leave money on the table. They’d rather hold out for more money. But Kevin says the opposite strategy is best.

“My goal is to sell your house within the first 72 hours,” says Kevin. “When you first list your house there are a lot of eyeballs on your property and you need to take advantage of that.”

“I like to use the analogy that when I went to Trader Joe’s to buy wine, and there was one wine with only two bottles left while the others were fully stocked, I bought the one that was almost old out,” he says. “I thought if everyone else likes it I should try it, and it was the best wine I’ve ever had. The same is true about home sales. If there is a house that has been on the market for 30 days, it is like a dusty wine bottle sitting on the shelf that nobody wants.”

Kevin says the most important factor in today’s market for selling your home is to set the asking price right so you receive multiple offers that will drive it up.

“With our in-depth pricing analysis, you can confidently set a listing price that minimizes your sale time and maximizes your profit,” he says. “For the most accurate valuation of your home, our pricing analysis takes into account what is happening super locally, like the local unemployment rate, current interest rates, what has sold in your school district and the inventory of homes currently on the market. Now that interest rates are starting to rise and the market is softening, it is even more important to perform a pricing analysis.”

A full-service real estate brokerage, Exactly handles everything from pricing analysis to negotiating the final sale for a $4,800 package fee, instead of a percentage of the sale price, saving homeowners thousands of dollars.

For more information, call 866-515-6789 or visit Exactly Real Estate is located at 209 South Main Street, 6th Floor, in Akron.