Amy Hoes, of eXp Realty, weighs in on the state of the Medina County real estate market

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Although in late fall and winter the market traditionally slows down a bit, Amy Hoes, of eXP Realty, says that could be advantageous to anyone putting their home on the market now. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

The often-quoted Chinese citation, “May you live in interesting times,” could apply to the real estate market in Northeast Ohio.

While interest rates have inched up throughout 2023, home buyers have fewer homes to choose from on the market.

I caught up with Amy Hoes of eXp Realty for an explanation of what that means in the short and long term.

Still a Seller’s Market
“We’re still very much in a seller’s market,” she says. “The good news is that home values are holding strong in Medina County, with many listings still selling within a few days and with multiple offers.”

Although in late fall and winter the market traditionally slows down a bit, Amy says that could be advantageous to anyone putting their home on the market now.

“Ultimately, higher interest rates shouldn’t dissuade someone from making a home move,” she adds. “The best time to sell your home has always been when it’s the right time for you, whether that means downsizing for empty nesters or moving into a bigger home to accommodate growing families.”

In the end, she says people who are concerned with higher interest rates can always refinance down the road if they drop significantly.

“The bottom line is we don’t know what the coming year will hold in terms of rate hikes,” she says. “Shrewd negotiating has never been more important. We are skilled in helping our clients get into the homes of their dreams, as well as attract the most money and best deals for the homes they are selling.”

Growing the Team
Though many local Realtors are slowing down and cutting back in the challenging market, the Amy Hoes team is on the grow.

“Adding new talent to our team helps us better serve buyers and sellers in Medina County and beyond,” she says. “We’re really excited about some of the new members we’ve brought on board and a few more coming in the coming months. This diverse group of agents gives us a wealth of industry experience and knowledge, and the newer agents are incredibly driven with a lot of enthusiasm.”

Along with the expanding group of agents, the team provides resources to buyers and sellers, such as great connections within the local lending community, and contractors and industry professionals to help through every step of the process.

“We are all about providing the best possible experience, taking any apprehension away from an often-complicated situation of unknowns,” she says. Along with her husband, Kurt, who helps with her numbers and reports, Amy is tenacious when it comes to cultivating a culture of old-fashioned customer service and modern technology.

Since eXp realty is the fastest growing real estate company in the world, the couple says they feel like it’s a great fit with their philosophy.

“eXp Realty taps into forward-thinking technology tools for a more streamlined, less traditional type of brokerage that ultimately benefits the client,” she says.

Staying Committed to Community
Amy and Kurt’s kids have grown up so fast. Both out of school now, daughter Atalie is a certified personal trainer and is also hard at work studying for her real estate license so she can join the family business. And son Bryan graduated early from Medina High School and is working hard to build his own business, Greaser Detailing.

Local schools, boosters and sports teams are still close to the family’s heart, and they love staying involved in supporting them and keeping their charitable dollars here at home.

Amy Hoes’ eXp Realty office is located in Medina. You can call or text Amy directly at 330-416-1597, email, or visit to find out more. Wonder what your home is worth in this sellers’ market? Just give Amy a call and she’ll pop over to discuss its potential and give you a free market analysis.