Are you languishing?

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By Juli Hicks, Certified Life Coach

It’s July in Northeast Ohio and my yard is thriving. The grass is green, the trees have filled out, and the flowers are blooming. In other words, the landscape around me is flourishing.

Flourishing can apply to humans as well. In 2002, sociologist Corey Keyes published results from a mental health study in The Journal of Health and Social Behavior that brought awareness to the group of people stuck in the middle of the mental health spectrum that he titled, “languishing.” People who are languishing lack the vitality and optimism associated with well-being.

This sounds like the experience of women managing the changes and challenges of mid-life. Languishing is a state that many mid-life women find themselves stuck in—where nothing is exactly wrong, but nothing feels right either.

If you are feeling stuck, here are three simple ways that my clients have found to move the needle toward flourishing.

1. Create a gratitude practice. The act of practicing gratitude is scientifically associated with better mood and overall health.

2. Connect with others. Healthy relationships are a cornerstone of healthy lives. Sharing experiences with your family and maintaining friendships will help you feel more engaged with life.

3. Plan for the future. If you feel like there’s nothing to look forward to, you’re likely languishing. Plan a trip, a class, a date night, or a virtual happy hour—whatever it takes to get you looking ahead again.

Flourishing women are always growing, evolving and changing. They have a sense of autonomy and agency in their own lives.

My goal is to help mid-life women get excited about their lives again and to flourish in all seasons of their life.

Juli Hicks is a certified Life Coach. Contact her or sign up for her Flourishing after 50 program at