Are you ready to retire? Find out with help from Centry Financial Advisors

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Janice Cackowski, CFP, founded Centry Financial Advisors to help individuals plan and set goals for retirement. As a fee-only financial advisor, she does not sell products or receive commissions and places the interests of her clients first. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

Helping people plan for their future is a specialty of Centry Financial Advisors’ founder Janice Cackowski, CFP. She stands behind her firm’s tagline of providing “solid, centered advice.”

As one of the few fee-only financial advisors in the area, she represents her clients’ interests first, and—unlike most advisors—does not sell products or receive commission payments.

“I wanted the transparency and authenticity that comes with being a fee-only financial advisor,” she says. “My business is based on partnering with clients to put a clear plan in place. I run several scenarios to present various options for what is possible in retirement. There are lots of strategies that can be implemented, including ways to minimize taxes.”

Her early experience as a paralegal for a divorce firm helped Janice appreciate how important the financial aspects are to making life transitions.

Thirteen years ago, she decided to switch directions and become a financial advisor, and last year moved her office into a cozy century home just steps from downtown Willoughby.

“I want my clients to feel like my office is homey and inviting,” she says.

What Every Pre-Retiree Should Know
Janice reports her average client is a pre-retiree age 50 and up, but she loves it when even younger people come to see her for advice.

“The earlier people start with me the better,” she says. “Beyond figuring out a retirement date and strategy, I can work toward maximizing my clients’ financial health.”

“For instance, I can tell someone, if you retire at this age, based upon the variables factored, this is what your financial situation may look like,” she says. “Sometimes people are in a much better situation than they suspected, and they are able to retire younger than anticipated. I enjoy educating clients on their financial situation and being able to assist them in making sound decisions. The planning process aids in providing peace of mind. When clients leave my office, it’s like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders.”

Many of her clientele are recently widowed.

“The aftermath of the death of a spouse can be emotionally and financially devastating,” she says. “I help people navigate through the complicated process of making decisions on their own.”

Centry Financial is located within a charming century home in downtown Willoughby.

End-of-Year Tax Planning
Janice stays current on the ever-changing landscape, especially when it comes to tax laws.

She mentions the new Biden tax law that’s currently in front of Congress and may go into effect in January.

“It will affect tax planning in terms of Roth conversions or back-door Roth contributions,” she explains. “They might be off the table for certain earners, which may change that client’s strategy.”

Why Centry?
The name Centry came from the word “centered.” Janice provides financial planning that’s personal, tax efficient and centered around clients and their families. Her high-touch services help clients plan for their financial futures.

Centry Financial Advisors, LLC is located within a charming century home at 38021 Euclid Avenue, Suite 3, in downtown Willoughby. Call 440-571-2433 or visit for more information. You can sign up to receive Janice’s monthly newsletter with interesting insights and helpful tips.