Assess your Medicare needs

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The Medicare Annual Enrollment period is from October 1 through December 7. So, why think about it now?

By Steven Lichtig, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency

The Medicare Annual Enrollment period is from October 1 through December 7. So, why think about it now?

If you already have a Medicare plan, now is a perfect time to have a needs evaluation. During your coverage review, we’ll go over your needs regarding prescriptions, doctors and hospitals and determine if they still match with the Medicare plan you’re currently on.

If there have been changes over the last year, we’ll know in advance—before the Medicare Anual Enrollment period begins—if switching to a new plan or remaining on your current plan would be of benefit to you.

On October 1, when the Medicare Anual Enrollment period begins and things start to get busy for insurance agents, you’ll already be armed with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision regarding which plan to choose.

Have your medications changed? Are you still with the same doctors? These are some of the things I’ll take into consideration when you meet with me.

A Medicare needs assessment takes just a half hour. Once completed, I can review any current or new plans introduced in October and provide the plan details to you, then all you have to do is make your selection.

Avoid the rush and get the legwork out of the way now, when there’s no pressure to hurry through the process and appointment times are plentiful. And, as always, my guidance is free of charge.

Licensed insurance agent Steven Lichtig can be reached directly at 216-577-8084. He’s based out of the HealthMarkets office in Northfield, 10512 Northfield Road, Suite 4. He can meet in person or virtually. Evenings and weekends available.

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