At Busy Bees Pottery & Arts Studio, guests are invited to explore their love of everything from painting, glass fusing, jewelry, mosaics to pottery in a relaxed instructional atmosphere

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Busy Bees Pottery & Art Studio owner Beth Brinton (right) and joining her at the studio is Bridget Hofer. Together they help people of all ages flex their creative muscle. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Mary Malik

Creating a place for both her children and friends to create art in a fun, recreational way was the wish of Busy Bees Pottery & Art Studio owner Beth Brinton.

“In November of 2015 that wish came true,” says Beth. “I have a background in photography, had done some pottery painting, and wanted to expand on that and include other mediums that could be an artistic outlet for both kids and adults.”

From painting a piece of pottery from Busy Bees’ expansive selection of seasonal items to candle making, glass fusing, stoneware painting, canvas painting, mosaics, or hand stamping jewelry, you are sure to find something to get those creative juices flowing.

“This is a very relaxed atmosphere,” says Beth. “Come with your friends for one of the many classes and events offered throughout the year or plan your own night out with a group and schedule up to two hours of creative fun at the studio.”

Busy Bees also brings the creativity to you, with offsite events at local restaurants where art and mingling meet and also to senior centers, corporate events and daycare centers.

“Register for all of our events on our website,” says Beth. “We bring the supplies and restaurants offer drink and food specials for the group. Relax, have fun, and take home what you create.”

Glass fusing is a beautiful way to create interesting and functional pieces of art.
Glass fusing is a beautiful way to create interesting and functional pieces of art.
Creating Board Art brightens up any home or office. Visit our website for our gallery of options.
The Busy Bees Pottery & Art Studio is located inside the Great Lakes Mall.

If you’re more serious about your art and want to elevate your skills or learn something new, Busy Bees themed studio classes might be what you’re looking for. Classes concentrating on canvas and stoneware painting, mosaics and other mediums are instructional in nature.

“Drop-ins at the studio are more self-guided although someone is always here to help,” says Beth.

Bridget Hofer was Beth’s first hire at Busy Bees. Bridget has a fine arts degree from Kent State and loves sharing her passion for all mediums of art. She encourages people to relax and settle into their project for the best, and often surprising, results.

“People surprise themselves and it’s fun to be a part of that discovery,” says Bridget. “Watching people tap into their creative energy, something they didn’t realize they had, is the best part of the job. And it’s great to get kids away from screens and see families interacting with one another.”

Beth and Bridget love sharing how using your hands creatively changes your focus. It’s a great way to take that mental break everyone needs.

“We say, just relax and let it flow,” says Beth. “Families come in together and make gifts for the holidays—frames, vases, mugs, you name it. With our clay hand building, brainstorm a unique idea and create something beautiful out of a lump of clay. It’s so satisfying.”

Whether it’s a birthday party, wine night with the girls or a creative family day, Busy Bees Pottery & Arts Studio is the place for a unique, engaging, and creative activity for all.

Busy Bees Pottery & Arts Studio is located inside the Great Lakes Mall at 7850 Mentor Ave., #554B, in Mentor. To reserve a table or sign up for classes and events, go to the website or call 440-571-5201.