At Medina Family Practice & Wellness Center, medical care simply costs less

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As a Certified Nurse Practitioner and owner of Medina Family Practice & Wellness Center, Tom Flood can assess, diagnose and treat many illnesses and conditions. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Ken McEntee

If you’re among the growing number of Americans who have high deductible health insurance plans, you may be familiar with this sequence of events associated with your recent healthcare visit:

You or your child may not feel terrible going in—maybe a sore throat or a slight earache. You leave with a diagnosis—perhaps strep throat or acute otitis media—and maybe a prescription. Some time later you open the bill, then experience severe chest pains.

“We don’t buy anything else the way we buy medical care,” shrugs Tom Flood, a Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP), and owner of Medina Family Practice & Wellness Center.

“We don’t walk out of the supermarket with no idea what our groceries are going to cost until we get a bill two weeks later. We wouldn’t buy a car that way. Many times, it can be difficult to get an answer as to what your total cost for healthcare will be. There is not always easy price transparency.”

How’s this for transparency: A visit to Medina Family Practice and Wellness Center costs a flat $40 paid by cash or charge at the time of service. If you need bloodwork or a simple in-office test or procedure, you’ll know up front how much it will cost, Tom promises.

“It’s less than you’ll probably pay at the drug store’s walk-in clinic, and because we work by appointment, you won’t have to wait in line,” says Tom, a father of three children.

As a CNP, Tom can assess, diagnose and treat many illnesses and conditions.

“I don’t write prescriptions for narcotic drugs, but I can do everything else you would normally go to your primary care provider for,” he assures.

“I am here for people who want to save money to be seen for minor illnesses like rashes or infections, diagnostic testing, sports physicals, and personal injury visits. I’m able to renew prescriptions for simple conditions.

Sometimes it takes a week or two, or even longer to schedule a visit with your healthcare provider. We can usually get you in on the same day—and we have evening and weekend hours available. If you want to know what I can do versus what I can’t do, just call or text me.”

Tom does some lab tests and procedures right in his office.

“Cleaning out earwax costs $50,” he says.

“A strep test is $20. A blood glucose or a urine dipstick cost $15. If you need imaging of some sort, I’ll suggest a nearby imaging facility that will charge anywhere from $75 for an x-ray up to an average of $350 for an MRI, compared to the national average of over $2,600 for an MRI.”

Tom’s practice is able to offer these things at a lower price because he has lower costs due to opting out of the insurance system of payment.

“I want to pass those savings along to my future patients,” Tom notes.

Tom says he emphasizes communication with his patients.

“I am available to talk or text to answer your questions,” he says. “The level of access to your healthcare provider that I am trying to offer is unique in a world of phone trees and constant reroutes.”

Medina Family Practice has a clinical psychologist on staff at an affordable rate. Dr. Beena Persaud offers individual and couples therapy, focusing on issues like anxiety, depression, self-esteem and weight management.

Medina Family Practice & Wellness Center is located at 2781 Medina Road (Route 18) in Medina. You can schedule an appointment by calling 330-952-2902. For more information, visit