At Northeast Factory Direct, the savings don’t stop at affordable kitchen remodels. Revamp other areas of the house—for less

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Northeast Factory Direct’s affordable, high-quality cabinets are perfect for any room of the house. Find out how you can enjoy a big impact—no matter where you spread the savings around—for less.

By Ken McEntee

During a recent gander around my cluttered home office, I came to the realization that some spacious and attractive wall cabinets just might be the ultimate solution to the unorganized piles of files, office supplies and other must-keep garbage that have accumulated across my desk and open shelves.

Angelo Lardomita, Jr., president, cabinet division at NEFD.

Angelo Lardomita, Jr., president of Northeast Factory Direct’s (NEFD) cabinet division concurs.

“Our stunning semi-custom cabinetry can be used for lots of other things besides kitchens,” Angelo assures. “It is ideal for organizing and beautifying spaces throughout the house, including bathrooms, home offices, garages and mudrooms. In fact, our cabinets are featured in a special mudroom display at our new Canton showroom.”

Mudrooms have become an increasingly popular application for NEFD’s rugged, all-wood cabinets, Angelo reveals.

Mudrooms have become an increasingly popular application for NEFD’s rugged, all-wood cabinets.

“A mudroom is like a landing zone for when you come in the house,” he explains. “You’ll have a bench seat where you can sit down and put your shoes on. You can have a drawer underneath for storage and a tall hutch with hooks to hang up jackets. You can have some open shelving or closed cabinets on the walls for more storage, and we can dress it up with lighted glass cabinets at the top. It may look so fancy you might not want to call it a mudroom.”

NEFD’s pricing makes the cabinet solution all the more compelling, Angelo emphasizes.

“Our cabinets sell for 60 to 70 percent less than comparable cabinets and, in addition to price, we regularly beat the competition with our service and installation,” he insists. “When it comes to maximizing the return on an investment in your home, we can make a couple hundred dollars spent translate into a couple thousand saved. An important part of our value is that we employ creative kitchen designers who can maximize space and turn it into something that’s beautiful and functional.”

When you sit down with a talented NEFD designer, you can look around to see for yourself how cabinets might be used in your home office.

Stunning home office remodels are an NEFD designer specialty. In fact, all designers work from solid wood, specialty desk cabinetry—and you can, too.

“Our designers’ work stations are created with our cabinetry,” Angelo says. “We have size-specific desk cabinets, meaning the height is a lot shorter than a normal kitchen cabinet would be. We have file storage cabinets that can be painted or stained. We have spacious pantries, linen cabinets and other tall storage options that work wonderfully to create open or closed storage space in your home office or mudroom.”

Whatever room you adorn with NEFD cabinetry, you can be sure you’re in line with the latest and most popular styles, Angelo assures.

The NEFD showrooms feature full-sized kitchen vignettes—and a whole lot more.

“People are in love with our white Shaker style cabinets,” he says. “They make up about 60 percent of all the cabinets we sell. But Alex Nemet, owner of NEFD, just recently negotiated unbelievable new pricing, so we can get not only Shaker white, but Shaker in seven or eight different colors and stains for the same price as Shaker white. That’s huge for our customers.”

That news may not be surprising to wise homeowners who have shopped NEFD before.

“That’s been Alex’s strategy since he started the company,” Angelo says. “He’s a maniac—he buys everything in huge truckload quantities at ridiculously low prices and passes the savings along to our customers.”

Included in your NEFD cabinetry remodel—for any room in the house—are all doorknobs and drawer pulls, an upgrade to all-wood construction, solid maple dovetail drawers, steel under-mount full-extension guides, soft-close doors and drawers and paint, stain and finish options of your choosing.

That includes everything from cabinets to furniture to recreation equipment to flooring—like luxury vinyl tile (LVT), for example. LVT is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms and home offices.

“LVT is waterproof and scratchproof—you’d really be hard-pressed to damage it,” Angelo says. “It’s easy to install and it comes in all kinds of designs that mimic hardwood and ceramic tile—even with simulated grout lines.”

The price may draw people to NEFD’s no-frills showrooms. Once they get there, the quality may leave them stunned, Angelo suggests.

In addition to a stress-free, boutique-like planning experience, NEFD offers 12-month financing with deferred interest, along with other financing options.

“We pride ourselves on being that hybrid company that offers low prices and upgraded quality,” he promises.

For example, Angelo says doorknobs and drawer pulls are included in the price of the cabinets, as is an upgrade to all-wood construction, solid maple dovetail drawers, steel under-mount full-extension guides, soft-close doors and drawers and paint, stain and finish options of your choosing.

“Plus you’re going to get the experience you would in a high-end boutique kind of place,” he says. “We make it so easy, fast and painless. You literally sit down and point and we do everything for you.”

NEFD also makes your new home project easy to pay for.

“We offer 12-month financing with deferred interest, and have other financing options available as well,” he says.

NEFD has four retail showrooms: 3321 W. 140th Street in Cleveland (216-941-7727), 24470 Lakeland Blvd., in Euclid (440-942-7945), 9009 Freeway Drive in Macedonia (330-436-3960) and 3176 Whitewood St. NW in North Canton (234-901-2099). You can get directions from anywhere, or more information about NEFD at