At Roasted Coffee Shop, there’s more to a visit than simply enjoying the perfect cup of Joe

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Roasted Coffee Shop features small-batch beans roasted exclusively for the shop. Sharing the mission of bringing meaning behind every cup are Todd and Lauren Phillips, pictured with their son, Matthew (center), who in addition to being an aspiring musician, loves working at the shop with his parents. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

Roasted Coffee Shop in Olmsted Township is a throwback to what neighborhood coffee shops used to be, with friendly proprietors who are enmeshed in the community, serving up amazing coffee and homespun delectables.

The charming shop is authentic in every way—sort of like the anti-Starbucks. There’s no drive-thru. Owners Todd and Lauren Phillips actually want people to pop in and stay awhile, slow down and chat.

“We live just over the bridge from the shop in Olmsted Township,” says Lauren. “And when we were thinking of starting a business, it kept coming back to us that there is no great place for coffee at this intersection, where most of the town passes through to get to the highway for work.”

As of today, Roasted Coffee Shop is one of a handful of coffeehouses in the country that carry Alpha Coffee.

As soon as a storefront large enough opened up, they were off and running. At their “day job,” Todd and Lauren are Cleveland Fire Fighters, and that’s why giving back to first responders is so important.

The Vibe
It took them seven months of renovations to their space to come up with the perfect vibe they were looking for. And they nailed it. With a little inspo and a lot of sweat equity, the space came together. They opened their doors in October of 2018.

The Roasted Coffee Shop’s gear includes hoodies, hats, t-shirts, to-go mugs and, for straw lovers, the essential reusable stainless steel straw.

“We like simple, earthy colors, with organic elements and a reclaimed feeling,” says Todd. “All of this wood came from century-old barns in Ohio. the sign behind the counter was refashioned from reclaimed wood.”

A feat of engineering, the long coffee bar countertop is made from more than 30 bags of concrete poured on-site for an industrial feeling, with rough edges. They took out the drop ceiling that was there and put in a grid of Edison lights that resemble twinkling stars.

She says the logo is elemental to their character as well, with a rustic “R” in the middle of a circle that vaguely resembles a mark from where you might have left a cup of coffee on the counter.

Roasted Coffee Shop features small-batch beans roasted exclusively for the shop.

Owners’ Picks
With all their experience and exposure to the best coffees, what’s the daily go-to for these two?

  • Lauren: An Americano (a shot of espresso in water).
  • Todd: A Caramel Mocha, with a strong second runner of Cortado, which is two ounces of espresso and two ounces of steamed half and half.

Since the couple is interested in fitness and eating healthy, the grab-and-go breakfast and lunch goodies are delicious and fairly guilt free. Don’t miss breakfast burritos, oatmeal and muffins, or Lauren’s mom Sharon’s gorgeous and delicious cookies.

Behind the Bean
Todd and Lauren are serious coffee drinkers with refined palates. Their search for the finest beans was relentless, taking them to the wilds of Utah.

“There were a lot of parallels between Alpha Coffee and us,” says Todd. “They are veteran-owned and like to give back. They built their business on their principles. A portion of every batch they roast is sent to active military overseas.”

The Phillips are an all-in brand of dynamic duo, and they took a trip to Utah, where Alpha Coffee is headquartered, to shake the hands of owners Carl and Lori Churchill. As of today, Roasted Coffee Shop is one of a handful of coffeehouses in the country that carry Alpha Coffee.

“Every shipment we receive is small-batch roasted just for us,” says Lauren.

On a daily basis, they offer a medium light breakfast blend called Dawn Patrol and a dark roast called Warrior Select, in addition to a third rotator blend. It’s also available for purchase by the pound.

And after just one sip, you’ll realize what that exclusivity and hand-roasted small-batch production means…a divine brew that fits a Goldilocks paradigm of just-rights. Perfectly balanced and smooth, robust without any bitter aftertaste. As soon as you take the cup’s last sip, you’ll be dreaming about your next one.

“We feel good about creating an opportunity here in Cleveland, where the more coffee we sell, more of our troops get to enjoy a taste of home far away,” says Lauren.

Military (active and veterans), First Responders and Teachers or Staff within the Olmsted Falls School System receive 10% off any beverage every day at Roasted Coffee Shop.

Community Caring
Roasted Coffee Shop is invested in the community.

“We have two daughters at the high school and have gotten to know the families and teachers over the years,” says Lauren. “It’s only natural for us to want to be involved as a local business.”

With the Helping Hands Program, they sponsor a coffee cart that special needs students can take through the hallways and classrooms selling coffee and learning communication skills.

“We also sponsored a field trip where they came to the shop and worked the register and counter,” says Todd.

Roasted Coffee Shop is located at the corner of Stearns Road, at 27093 Bagley Road in Olmsted Township. Hours are Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call 440-793-6158, find them on Twitter @RoastedOlmsted or visit their Facebook page to learn more and like them for special offers.

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