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Willoughby-Eastlake Schools seniors navigate the old and new

The highly anticipated senior year of high school should be a fond collection of “lasts.” The last homecoming game, last class trip, last dance…all culminating in tossing your cap in the air when graduation finally commences. However, this year’s senior class saw many plans dashed due to the pandemic. While uncertainty may seem...

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March is Gewürztraminer time

March is an important month in the wine world. One of the first wines to be released each year, usually in March, is Gewürztraminer, a fruity, floral white wine made from pinkish colored grapes. But what about the taste? “The name gives us a hint,” says Jim Sperk of the Northern Ohio Wine Guild. “Gewürz is a German word for spice. It...

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Meet the Artist: Molly Fitzpatrick, DittoHouse

Local textile designer Molly Fitzpatrick, of DittoHouse, loves to boldly go in the direction of her dreams. She turns her ideas into a tangible reality with her bold, colorful and unique collections of textiles. Inspired by the pioneers of the Op Art movement, Inuit printmaking and weavings of the Bauhaus, Molly brings to the table sustainable...

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Hack-proof guarantees with Proper Access

The hard truth is that 80% of the top 10 brands of home routers are currently hacked, and the information being taken from them is going overseas. That’s right. I said 80%. And it doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive, high-tech brand available. Store-bought routers have no security on them. So, no matter how many firewalls...

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Teachers and support staff from Mentor Schools have been vaccinated, and kids are returning to class

As we slowly emerge from the pandemic, our schools face the enormous undertaking of coordinating the vaccination of teachers and staff, as well as ushering students back into the classroom. “We’ve talked all along that when it comes to keeping people safe in the Covid-19 world, a layered approach to virus mitigation is a must,” says...

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