Boutique IVF at Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility, from ultrasounds to inseminations, retrievals, transfers and more

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Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility’s boutique approach to IVF treatments means you meet with a doctor at every visit and a doctor performs every procedure. The physicians at Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility include (left to right) Priya Maseelall, MD, FACOG; Jessica R. Zolton. DO, FACOG; David M. Nash, MD, FACOG; and Shweta J. Bhatt, MD, FACOG. (Photography: Francis Angelone)

By Mimi Vanderhaven

Infertility has been in the news a lot lately, particularly given that the anticipated Covid-19 baby boom never materialized. One contributing factor in declining birth rates is an increase in infertility, which is largely the result of women simply waiting longer to become pregnant.

“Today, more and more women are putting their education, career and other life goals ahead of starting a family,” explains Priya Maseelall, MD, FACOG, of Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility. “Fortunately, advances in infertility technology mean that women can enjoy this freedom and have a family when they are finally ready. But the clock is still ticking. Becoming pregnant later in life can be challenging without IVF.”

As a result, many women in their late twenties and thirties who are ready to start a family are finding it difficult to conceive and are turning to infertility clinics for help. However, the growth in the popularity of IVF treatments has been so significant that many patients are finding themselves lost in a large, complex medical system where they feel like “just a number.”

The embryology and andrology teams of Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility are dedicated to offering individuals compassionate care, including an IVF 100% Success Guarantee Plan.

That’s one reason to choose a boutique IFV clinic, one like Reproductive Gynecology, which has a location on Rockside Road in Independence, convenient to Cleveland’s east side.

What is a Boutique Clinic?
One of the biggest advantages of working with Reproductive Gynecology and Infertility is that you actually see a doctor—during every visit. “There are many clinics where you see a doctor one time and that’s it,” says Dr. Maseelall. “But that’s not how we work. Our success rates are the result of getting to know our patients and giving them personalized care based on their unique situation. We don’t have a single, boiler-plate solution to infertility.”

In fact, Dr. Maseelall says, three patients may present with the same underlying condition and be treated completely differently. “There are many factors,” she adds, “including their age, lifestyle, religion, finances, insurance coverage, ethics and how aggressive they want to be. We really come to understand and care about our patients as people.”

At Reproductive Gynecology, you not only see a doctor at every visit, a doctor performs every procedure—not a mid-level health care provider.

“We do everything ourselves, including ultrasounds,” says David M. Nash, MD, FACOG. “That way we know first-hand what’s going on and can communicate to our patients on the spot instantaneously.”

Compare this to a non-boutique clinic where a technician may perform the ultrasound, a physician reviews it, then a nurse calls you with the result days later.

In addition to ultrasounds, the doctors at Reproductive Gynecology—not technicians—perform their own consults, inseminations, retrievals, transfers and more.

Celebrity Pregnancies
Dr. Nash adds that reduced fertility rates may also be connected to misleading celebrity pregnancies announced on magazine covers and on social media. “We are all concerned that some women may be waiting because they see a 42-year-old celebrity announcing their pregnancy on Instagram and they think they can get pregnant at that age, too,” he cautions. “But what these celebrities aren’t saying is that they used donor eggs or a gestational carrier. In reality, we see declining ovarian functions from age 32 to 37. After that, things really change. The odds of natural pregnancy at age 40 is just 6% a month assuming normal sexual activity.”

Consider Freezing Your Eggs
If you’re in your late twenties and you aren’t planning a family any time soon, now is a good time to consider freezing your eggs or embryos until you want to use them. “It’s important to start thinking about egg freezing in your twenties or early thirties,” explains Shweta J. Bhatt, MD, FACOG. “We encourage our patients to ask themselves: How do I start my family? What is my timeline? What are my career and family goals? The answers help you develop the right plan. And because we—the doctors—are having these conversations directly with our patients, we build stronger relationships which leads to better results.”

A One-Stop-Shop
When it comes to IVF treatment, Reproductive Gynecology and Infertility is a one-stop-shop, including having its own lab. “Being able to do our own lab work is really convenient for patients,” explains Dr. Bhatt. “I saw a new patient today who asked where she had to go to have her blood work, and I said, “You just have to go into the next room.”

“Everything a patient will need is within our own footprint,” adds Jessica R. Zolton. DO, FACOG. “Our embryology lab is here. Full-service andrology [semen analysis] is here. You don’t have to go anywhere else.”

According to Dr. Zolton, Reproductive Gynecology’s success is rooted in physician involvement. “You have a direct line of communications with your doctor,” she says. “Your doctor does your ultrasound and all of your procedures. Combine that with our compassionate nurse team and we really get to know our patients, their backgrounds, and their family, and we can tailor a treatment plan exactly suited for them.”

Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility’s compassionate supporting team of infertility nurses are committed to patient care and use advanced technology—like the Klara patient portal phone app—to keep patients fully informed during their IVF treatments.

The clinic also uses Klara, an advanced patient portal, to improve communications. “With Klara, we can send a private, secure message immediately,” Dr. Zolton says. “We can alert patients to important information instantly with an app on their phone and we don’t have to play phone tag. Good, immediate communication directly from our team helps keep you informed and reduces the anxiety inherent in IVF treatments.”

Reproductive Gynecology serves patients all over the Midwest and offers convenient telehealth visits. Their success rates are so high that they even offer an IVF 100% Success Guarantee Plan.

Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility is located at 6701 Rockside Rd., Suite 220, in Independence. The phone is 216-290-1500. The clinic also has four other locations. Find them in Akron, at 95 Arch Street, Suite 250, 330-375-7722; in Canton, at 2600 West Tuscarawas, Suite 560, 330-452-6010; in Columbus (Westerville), at 540 N. Cleveland Avenue, Suite 100, 614-895-3333; and in Youngstown (Canfield), at 6674 Tippecanoe Road, Suite 3, 330-533-3490. For more information, visit the website at