Chagrin Home Improvements has perfected the deck restoration process over the last eight years

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Your Chagrin Home Improvements deck restoration crew will arrive on time, ready to work. The team protects outside areas of your home by covering the adjacent siding and any landscaping that could be damaged.

By Mary Malik

After eight years of skilled, dependable and superior deck maintenance and restoration work, the word has spread about Chagrin Home Improvements, its expert crew, and its efficient process for bringing decks back to life after a long winter.

“After doing this job for several years now, we’ve perfected the process,” says owner, Joe Jacobs. “As a local business, it’s critical for us to be not just good, but exceptional at every aspect of this job. We do that for every client and, thankfully, people are talking.”

Joe is already seeing a record number of calls this spring—and it’s still early.

“I expect the schedule to fill up quickly, but there’s still plenty of time to get on the list,” he notes.

Additional clients are a good thing for a business. For a small business, sometimes a fast influx of new customers can be overwhelming and cause delays or even a decline in the quality of the work. Chagrin Home Improvements has not only welcomed new clients, but also embraced the opportunity to perfect its process by becoming even more efficient while maintaining the highest level of quality work.

Chagrin Home Improvements will assess your deck’s condition, make any necessary repairs, and clean and prepare it for staining and sealing.

“My guys are amazing at their jobs,” says Joe. “And we’ve worked hard to get here. We take nothing for granted. My crew is made up of friends and family who are all experts at this trade. These are not seasonal hires. That might be how some other companies operate, but not us. This isn’t just a paycheck. Over the past eight years, this has become our career and our passion. We are dedicated to quality and consistency.”

These are just some of the points that make Chagrin Home Improvements unique. As a local business with full-time professionals and dedicated employees who are experts at preserving decks, they are not a company that does this on the side. They see the growth of the business as a challenge to become even better at the job they do, without delays in service.

“We won’t keep you waiting,” says Joe. “We get in right away and get the job done almost always in two days, unlike other companies that subcontract, which can ultimately drag a job out for weeks. With us, you see the same crew until the job is finished.”

The job begins with minor repairs and a thorough power wash. Things like replacing rotted wood pieces, securing screws, nails and railings is followed by ridding the deck of dirt and mold buildup. You don’t want to seal over mold and dirt.

“It’s a very efficient process,” says Joe. “My guys arrive on time and get to work. We also are sure to protect the other areas of your home by covering the adjacent siding and any landscaping that could be damaged. Our customers appreciate our attention to detail and the clean and thorough job we do.”

And Joe says with Chagrin Home Improvements, a deck restoration should hold up for two or three years.

“After eight years we’re getting repeat customers,” says Joe. “It’s validation for us that we really are the best at what we do. We’re saving people time and money, and adding value to their homes and lives.”

For more information and to get a spot on the spring Chagrin Home Improvements schedule, call Joe Jacobs at 440-247-6700. Visit to learn more.

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