At My Personal Trainer, strength training with resistance, along with proper nutrition, is the key to exercising

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No matter what your age, the fitness pros at My Personal Trainer can help you drop fat and gain muscle.

By Patricia Nugent

The inevitability of gaining weight, getting fatter and losing muscle as you age isn’t necessarily permanent writing on the wall.

According to Austin Buc, studio manager at My Personal Trainer in Broadview Heights, through professional assessments, specialized equipment and a twice-weekly, one-on-one, trainer-led workout program, people have the power to change their bodies and their futures.

“Our science-based protocol involves equipment that produces a slow and progressive muscle exhaustion,” says Austin. “The workouts are different all the time based on a client’s progress, so they don’t get bored.”

He says building strength for “real-world, everyday living” is emphasized here.

“We train people to be strong and confident in tasks like shoveling snow or mowing the grass,” he says.

Mike before.
The Tanita Scale reports found Mike, pictured with MPT studio manager/trainer Austin (above right), went from 80 pounds of body fat, or 33%, on his first visit, to 41 pounds, or 21%, when he was last tested. This indicates a 39-pound fat loss.

Meet Wendy and Mike
Like many of us, Wendy had been diligent about her workouts before the pandemic hit, then fell out of practice. The vibrant 61-year-old had worked out at MPT before, but then stopped when Covid hit.

“My health took a backseat to everything that was happening, and it caught up with me,” she says. “I had gained 15 pounds and lost muscle mass. I felt terrible.”

Luckily, she says that once she returned to the studio, the trainers helped her kick her workouts into high gear.

Wendy before
After getting back to working out at MPT, Wendy lost 33 pounds of body fat, and increased her strength by 189%. She’s pictured with MPT trainer Kayla Y. (right).

“My goal was strength,” says Wendy, who wants to stay active for her seven grandchildren, all under the age of 6. “Before coming to My Personal Trainer, I did a lot of aerobics, but that wasn’t cutting it. When I heard about the astounding amount of muscle we lose as we age, I decided to turn that around.”

Whenever she hit a plateau during her weight loss, she says it felt like the trainers were along for the journey with her, coming up with plans to push through it.

When 41-year-old Mike started coming to MPT a year-and-a-half ago, he had reached an all-time high after years of gaining a few pounds every year after college. He was sedentary and suffering from acid reflux and high blood pressure.

“When I graduated from college, I was 175 pounds and lanky, but with no muscle,” he says. “My goals were not only to lose weight, but to get stronger. The trainers do an excellent job of incorporating your time spent in the studio with your nutrition and activity outside the studio. After over a year of progress, I have no more heartburn, my blood pressure is in a good range, and I’m the happiest I’ve been with my physique in years.”

The transformation to his body came after the transformation of his nutrition and lifestyle, which Mike says is a big plus.

“I have two young sons and it’s important to me and my wife to always set a good example,” he says.

The Results are In
Austin says that the Tanita Scale reports found Mike went from 80 pounds of body fat, or 33%, on his first visit, to 41 pounds, or 21%, when he was last tested. This indicates a 39-pounds fat loss. His weight went from 244 pounds to 195 pounds.

Wendy went from 68 pounds of body fat to 36 pounds for an overall loss of 33 pounds of body fat. Her overall weight went from 177 pounds to 143 pounds.

On the flip side, the muscle gains were impressive, too. Wendy increased her strength by 189% and Mike increased his by 251%.

Unique Program
At My Personal Trainer, they believe that strength training with resistance, along with proper nutrition, is the key to exercising. My Personal Trainer takes changes lives very seriously. They are the polar opposite of a typical gym or large fitness center. All of their clients come in by appointment to a clean, private, non-intimidating studio for results-driven weekly 15-20 minute workouts.

MPT’s programs try to fit most budgets and cost up to 70% less than most other personal training rates. They wanted to create an affordable on-going lifestyle change for each of their clients. They’re proud of a 60% retention rate at all studio locations, due in part to the high success of the program.

The positive effects of their program have been shown to occur at every age and gender, and include: increased muscle strength, increased flexibility, decreased risk of injury, increased metabolic rate and a profound influence of physical capacity and physical appearance.

My Personal Trainer studios are located in Broadview Heights (7985 Broadview Road, 440-838-8400), Medina (3733 Stonegate Drive, next to the Hobby Lobby Plaza, 330-723-3009), Strongsville (20930 Drake Road, 440-878-9000), Wadsworth (104 High Street, 419-685-4917), Westlake (25959 Detroit Road, 440-808-0000). Canton (2802 Whipple Ave NW, 330-915-8041) and Wadsworth (104 High St., 330-331-7552) For more info, visit