Choosing the right gutter cover

With Gutter Topper
Gutter Cover Company specializes in leaf and ice protection for all seasons. Pictured is a home with Gutter Topper installed.

By Patricia Nugent

When it comes to protecting your gutters in the most efficient manner possible, one local company has you covered (literally).

Gutter Cover Company’s Gutter Topper guard system relies on a solid-cover slope design that’s superior to any screened products on the market. The locally owned company and its skilled team have been installing Gutter Topper for over 23 years.

“With a patented design, water flows through, but leaves, nests and organic debris do not,” says owner Jim Carbone. “Our affordable product is extremely durable—made of solid aluminum—and can handle any weather Northeast Ohio will throw at it. They are installed directly over existing gutters. Customers tell us the lifetime transferrable performance warranty makes a big difference in their decision to install these guards. We have jobs that were installed in the ‘90s that still protect gutters with the same effectiveness as the day they were installed.”

The guards come in a variety of attractive colors to complement any home.

And to save clients the headache of ice dams and buildup, Jim also offers an add-on product called the Heater Cap.

“Last winter, lots of people had problems with ice melting, then refreezing, then melting and backing up into their homes,” he says. “Heater Cap offers options to homeowners who may want to heat only certain problem areas of their gutters, not the entire system. We can install Heater Cap with or without our Gutter Topper or other covers. They are virtually invisible with controls located inside the warmth of your home.”

Eliminate one of the messiest jobs at your home. Hiring Gutter Cover Company means no more dangerous ladder climbing to clean out clogs in your gutter. With Gutter Topper, water flows into the gutter, and leaves and debris fall to the ground.

Gutter Cover Company has plenty of product in stock, so give them a call—before the leaves or snow start to fall. And when Jim or somebody from his team comes by to offer an estimate, they’ll gladly answer all questions and arrive on time.

“We recommend getting a free estimate now for both the Gutter Topper and Heater Cap, so when that first chilly autumn day hits and our phones are ringing off the hook, you’ll have priority and won’t have to wait,” he says.

Schedule a complimentary gutter inspection with Jim Carbone and his crew by calling Gutter Cover Company at 440-366-0688 or 800-335-4367. The company is proud of its A+ rating with the BBB and has received awards from Angi and HomeAdvisor. Gutter Topper is approved by all major roof manufacturers. The products used by The Gutter Company are manufactured in Ohio. For more information visit