Considering cabinets

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Your new cabinets will probably define the appearance of your new kitchen or bath.

By Ken McEntee

Your new cabinets will probably define the appearance of your new kitchen or bath. But quality of construction is another important factor to think about. Here, Scott Powers, vice president of sales at Kiba Studios, Medina’s kitchen and bath showroom, explains some differences in cabinet quality.

Q: What are kitchen and bathroom cabinets made of?
A: Cabinets are not all made the same. Most lower priced cabinets are built with particleboard. Upgrading to plywood construction will generally provide a more durable, longer-lasting cabinet.

Q: Are there other differences in how cabinets are made?
A: Drawer construction is another important variable to consider. Some drawers are stapled together at the joints. Others are dovetailed together, which creates a tighter, more secure joint that typically will last a lot longer.

Q: Is it worth it to invest in better constructed cabinets?
A: It depends on the buyers’ budget and lifestyle. Lower-end products may save you a little money up front, but then you’re probably going to replace them sooner than more robust cabinets—especially if you have kids who tend to be a little tough on drawers and cabinet doors.

Q: What else should people consider when they shop for cabinets?
Obviously appearance is important. Painted solid hardwood doors are very popular today—especially in whites and grays. If you want to save a little money, foil-faced MDF [medium-density fiberboard] is also a very popular option.

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