Cover your gutters now and never worry about cleaning them again

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The Gutter Boys stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guard attaches to the fascia, not the shingles. This adds structural integrity when covered with heavy ice and will not void your roof warranty.

By Mitch Allen

By now, you may have already cleaned your gutters at least once this year. With this spring’s heavy volume of maple seed “helicopters,” various seed pods, and oak catkins (the pollen-filled tassels that drop from oak trees), homeowners are having a hard time keeping their gutters flowing freely.

It may be time, at last, to put away the ladder and end the dirty and dangerous task of gutter cleaning forever—by covering your gutters.

But wait.

Not all gutter covers are the same

The #1-Rated System
“When we started our company almost 20 years ago, we only cleaned gutters; we didn’t cover them,” says Anthony Alberino, founder of the top-ranked The Gutter Boys.

“That’s because there wasn’t an effective system on the market at the time. We cleaned gutters on thousands of homes and saw covers that were clogged, completely collapsed, or weren’t efficient enough to capture water during heavy storms. Some were plastic, some were fragile screens, and some were sheets of metal with holes drilled in them. None of them worked well.”

Finally, a few years ago, Anthony discovered a micro-mesh gutter guard system rated #1 in the industry by NCR Consumer Advocacy Group—the nation’s largest publisher of independent third-party testing, ratings and reviews for the gutter cover and home improvement industry.

Whether cleaning gutters or installing gutter guards, the gutter specialists at Anthony Alberino’s The Gutter Boys take photos of your clean gutters and text or email them to you, so you don’t have to climb a ladder to inspect their work.

“It’s ridiculous how much better this system is than anything else out there,” Anthony says. “You can have a cheap, plastic gutter guard, or—for the same or even less money—you can relax knowing you have the best system on the market.”

Why It Works So Well

So why is Anthony Alberino so confident in the quality of his gutter covers? Here’s why:

  • The Gutter Boys system features a high-flow, stainless steel micro-mesh that lets water in but keeps debris out. This effect is dramatically enhanced because the mesh features a strong, raised S-curve that increases the surface area, allowing for the self-shedding of debris.
  • Most gutter covers feature a horizontal frame that allows water to sit on it, encouraging the growth of moss and algae which can cause clogs. However, Anthony’s system features a vertical louvered frame, which improves drainage and prevents the growth of mildew, algae and moss.
  • The light-weight, aluminum frame won’t warp, yet doesn’t add a lot of weight to the system.
  • The cover is attached to the fascia, not the shingles, so it cannot void your roof warranty. This also adds structural integrity when covered in heavy ice. Plus, it’s attached with stainless steel screws that don’t rust.
  • The Gutter Boys System features a fully-transferrable, lifetime warranty. It’s the only gutter cover your home will ever need.

Zero Sales Pressure
If you’ve ever dropped your contact information into a fish bowl at a home and garden show, you know how relentless some home improvement salespeople can be—constantly calling, showing up uninvited, and refusing to leave your porch.

“That’s not us,” Anthony laughs.

“But after 20 years, we’ve heard a lot of those stories. We don’t hold you captive in your kitchen. In fact, practicing social distancing, we don’t even have to come into your home. We give you the information you need to make an informed decision then we leave. Our gutter specialists are not high-commission salespeople who feel pressured to close the sale. When most people see our gutter cover system, they just buy it because it’s so much better.”

In addition—whether cleaning gutters or installing gutter guards—Anthony’s gutter specialists take photos of your clean gutters and text or email them to you, so you don’t have to climb a ladder to inspect their work.

The Gutter Boys system features a high-flow, stainless steel micro-mesh that lets water in but keeps debris out.

“This business is all about trust,” Anthony says. “We’re extremely proud of the quality of our gutter cover system and our installation and we want you to see the work we have done to help protect your home.”

The Gutter Boys is headquartered at 1090 West Bagley Road, in Berea. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and are bonded and insured. Call 440-454-7040 to schedule a free on-site consultation and estimate, or visit for more information. They also offer 12 months same-as-cash financing.