Deck season is here and Chagrin Home Improvements can bring it back to life

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For nearly 10 years, Chagrin Home Improvements has been a go-to leader in the area of cleaning, staining and protecting decks. Owner Joe Jacobs (center) and his crew specialize in the process.

By Mary Malik

There’s nothing like sunshine on a 75-degree day, with the birds chirping, to get us Northeast Ohioans outside, ready to fire up the grill and drag out the deck furniture. Cue the “wah, wah” sound effect. Did you remember to schedule that deck cleaning and staining? Springtime can sneak up on us around here. We can’t wait to get out on the deck. When we finally can, the deck isn’t ready for us.

The good news is that Chagrin Home Improvements is ready to transform your deck into a like-new space for your family and friends to enjoy.

“Now is the time to get on the schedule for spring deck services,” Owner Joe Jacobs says. “And the process is simple. Give us a call and we’ll come out to take measurements and photos, get back to you with a written quote and a time to start the two-day cleaning and staining. We’ve been servicing decks now for nearly 10 years, and we’ve perfected this process. Our crew is professional and efficient. You’ll be amazed at how we’ll transform your outdoor living space.”

At Chagrin Home Improvements, pro-level service is the only kind offered. The entire deck revitalization process, from start to finish, takes just about two days.

Decks take a beating in the Northeast Ohio winters. The good news is if small repairs are made and the surface is properly cleaned and sealed every couple of years, your deck will always be ready to enjoy. A professional cleaning by Chagrin Home Improvements will increase the longevity of your deck and save you repair and even replacement costs down the road.

“As a local business, it’s critical for us to be not just good, but exceptional at every aspect of this job,” says Joe. “We made a commitment when we started this business that we would do things differently. Our crew is comprised of all full-time employees, never seasonal hires, and made up of family and friends who are trained professionals in our services. They are trusted, reliable professionals that provide our customers with the best possible experience. You won’t have to worry about crews not showing up or not completing the job that people have come to expect from us.” People are talking about Chagrin Home Improvements and it’s all good. Growing up in this community means that Joe, his brothers and his crew members take a special kind of pride in their work here.

“I’m not frantically hiring strangers to put on a job,” Joe says. “My employees are loyal friends and even family members that I’ve been working with for years. We learned this trade together—from the best in the business—as teenagers on summer jobs. This is what we do for a living. It’s not a part-time gig. My guys take pride in their work, arrive on time, get to work, and get the job done the right way.”

Your crew will first clean the deck thoroughly, getting rid of dirt and mold buildup, an important step because you don’t want to be sealing over mold and dirt. The wood must be clean. Small repairs are then made, like replacing rotten wood pieces when necessary and securing screws and nails.

“Once your deck is cleaned and sealed, we recommend rinsing it off regularly to help with mold and mildew buildup. However, every year or two only a professional cleaning process will protect it from rotting, warping and other issues that will cost you down the road,” Joe says. “Give us a call and get on the schedule. Deck season is here.”

For more information and to get a spot on the schedule, call Joe Jacobs at 440-247-6700, scan the QRcode here or check the website