Defeating dandelions and crabgrass

Evergreen Turf Ba
The team at the locally owned EverGreen Turf Solutions transformed this home’s field of dandelions into a lush, beautiful lawn.

By Mitch Allen

Crabgrass is sneaky. It germinates in early spring then sits in wait until summer to attack our lawns. That’s why a preemergent in the spring is so important to controlling this weed.

“That first application in the spring is crucial because it helps prevent crabgrass seed from germinating in the warming soil,” explains Correy Petz, founder of the local EverGreen Turf Solutions. “And the preemergent should be applied before the end of April. That’s why it’s important to get started now. We like to say, ‘Miss one application, and you miss a lot.’”

Another secret to preventing the growth of both crabgrass and dandelions is the creation of a thick, lush lawn that crowds them out. And EverGreen’s staff—unlike national chain lawn care firms based elsewhere—are experts in Northeast Ohio lawns.

“There’s a big difference between how you treat a lawn in Northeast Ohio versus one in Atlanta, Phoenix, Denver or Seattle,” Correy says. “We’ve been doing this right here for 13 years. We know our region’s turf, our weed species, and our weather.”

Making the Switch
A trend right now in the lawn-care industry is national companies spreading like crabgrass by buying up local firms. You may have noticed your own lawn-care company has changed its name. And once they go corporate, the stock price becomes more important than your lawn.

“Every day homeowners call us to switch their service from a national company,” Correy says. “And we get an earful.”

Common complaints about the national players include poor service, aggressive marketing, lack of attention to detail, unable to speak with the same person, not applying enough product, still having weeds and brown grass, and rising prices.

“We don’t increase our prices just because the calendar page turns,” Correy says. “We do it only when we have to and, this year, we didn’t have to, so we didn’t do it.”

How to Achieve a Gorgeous Lawn
Achieving a lush, beautiful lawn to help choke out invasive weeds is more complicated than many people think. “Different treatment formulas are required under different conditions, including the season and whether it’s wet, dry, hot or cool,” Correy adds. “And the brands you find at the home stores are not the same as the professional-grade products we use here.”

EverGreen’s know-how also includes the proper identification of weeds and invasives, and what product to use and when. “We use the right herbicide to eradicate specific hardy, resistant weeds after proper identification. This takes the guesswork out of taking care of your lawn.”

EverGreen Turf Solutions owners Correy and Sarah Petz live in Medina County with sons Jackson and Logan. In contrast to many national firms, the pair did not raise prices this year.

Getting Started
EverGreen offers several packages that feature five to six applications per season, including that all-important preemergent in the spring. They also do aeration, weed treatments, lawn insect control, overseeding and disease control.

Encore Content: How to Mow Properly
Mimi is repeating Correy’s advice from her March issue because it is so important: The best thing a homeowner can do on their own to help achieve a beautiful lawn is to mow properly. And there three essential rules for that.

“Number one, set your mower height to 4 inches,” he says. “Most people cut their grass way too short and that’s not healthy for Northeast Ohio lawns. Don’t eyeball it. Get a ruler and check the height of your mower.

“Number two, mowing frequency. Depending on the time of the year, regular mowing varies. In the spring, when everything is growing fast and furiously, the lawn may need to be mowed twice a week. In summer, you may be able to mow every 10 days.

“Finally, keep your lawn mower blade sharp. A dull blade rips the top of the grass instead of delivering a nice, clean cut. We’re just part of the equation. A gorgeous lawn is a team effort.”

EverGreen Turf Solutions is headquartered in Valley City and serves all of Northeast Ohio. For more information or an instant quote, call 330-662-0123 or visit