Dr. Bianca Kostranchuk of Chesterland Family Eye Care encourages you to wear your sunglasses year round

Chesterland Eye Dr Bianca Kostranchuk

By Dr. Bianca Kostranchuk, Chesterland Family Eye Care Founder

The fall season signals a return to chillier temps, shorter days and less sunshine, but as you stash away your warm weather gear, don’t put away your sunglasses.

Just like people are appreciating the importance of year-round sunscreen to shield their skin, they should also protect their eyes every month of the year. In fact, winter can be even harsher on the eyes, as snow can reflect twice the harmful UV rays.

Overexposure to the sun is a causal factor to developing macular degeneration and cataracts, as well as melanomas on the eyelids.

To ward off harmful rays, I recommend wearing sunglasses whenever outdoors. There are many different types, so be sure to purchase yours at a reputable retailer. Look for the UV400 class on the label as that’s the gold standard of protection. I also suggest buying polarized styles to provide better clarity and cut down on glare and eye fatigue. Beware of very dark glasses that do not have protection, as those can let in even more rays.

At Chesterland Family Eye Care, we offer many lines of sunglasses and prescription sunglasses. You can walk in and one of our opticians will consult with you to get the best fit for your needs. We also carry contact lenses with UV protection.

When it comes to macular degeneration and other issues, we use Optomap screening technology for early detection.

For the most comprehensive level of eyecare and eyewear in the region, along with Dr. Taylor Wrubel and Dr. Edwin Grant and an excellent support staff of 15, we treat the full gamut of eye conditions as well as fit patients for glasses and contacts.

Chesterland Family Eyecare is located at 7976 Mayfield Road, Suite 400, in Chesterland, and Chardon Family Eyecare, is at 373 Center Street. Visit CFamEyes.com or call 440-286-9555 for more information.