Dr. E. Shanika Esparaz takes quality time to get to know and see you

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Dr. E. Shanika Esparaz

By Mary Malik

E. Shanika Esparaz, M.D., of Envision Opthalmology and Wellness, is a double-board-certified ophthalmologist and lifestyle medicine specialist focused on whole-body health and wellness. The direct-care model of her practice enables her to focus on all the needs of her patients.

“Imagine convenient scheduling, no phone trees, no wait time, and spending 30 to 40 minutes with your physician while having their full attention,” Dr. Esparaz says. “In a typical insurance-based practice, the physician spends an average of three minutes with a patient.”

Dr. Esparaz has chosen to take a different approach. She believes that more time equals a more empowered patient, enabling doctor and patient to be true partners in care. Patients also have direct contact with her via text, email and phone.

“As part of my lifestyle medicine training, I understand that treating the whole patient leads to the most positive results,” Dr. Esparaz says. “The more time I can take to get to know you, your lifestyle and your health history the better I can treat you.”

Dr. Esparaz wants people to know that the cost in her practice is usually less than with an insurance-based practice.

“There’s no co-pay or added fees so we can save you money,” Dr. Esparaz says.

Dr. Esparaz recommends a dilated eye exam for everyone by age 40 and especially over 50 when risk increases for things like macular degeneration.

“There are treatment options for macular degeneration,” Dr. Esparaz says. “If you’re experiencing poor night vision or distortions in central vision, a dilated exam is recommended.”

Envision Ophthalmology and Wellness is located at 6551 Wilson Mills Road, Suite 103, next door to Austin’s Steakhouse. For more information call 440-291-3051, email Dr. Esparaz at info@envisioncleveland.net or check the website EnvisionCle.com.