Elevate your home with professional cabinet painting from Chagrin Home Improvements

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Your cabinets don’t want to go. They just want to live a little bit better. The cabinet revitalization experts at Joe Jacob’s Chagrin Home Improvements can make them over with a professional finish that’s designed to last. (After photo)

By Mary Malik

Chagrin Home Improvements is a small business with a big goal—to be the very best at what it does. Focusing on and investing in its cabinet painting process has established Chagrin Home Improvements as a premier cabinet painting specialist in the area.

“People know us for our meticulous deck cleaning and staining process, and we are equally as passionate about our indoor focus in the winter months and that’s cabinets,” owner Joe Jacobs says. “We have completely upgraded our spray facility here in Chagrin with new state-of-the-art equipment to make our process even more efficient and cost-effective for our customers.”

That’s right. Chagrin Home Improvements has recently added a dedicated spray facility at its warehouse.

Chagrin Home Improvements, Joe Jacobs (center) with his brothers John (left) and Mick.

“Bringing your cabinet doors off-site to our facility allows us to achieve the kind of result we want,” Joe says. “And that’s an incredibly smooth, like-new finish for your cabinets, all while still keeping costs reasonable.”

It’s the efficiency of the Chagrin Home Improvements process that allows its to achieve these high-end results. And efficiency requires a front-end investment that Joe was willing to make to offer this service.

“The real beauty of this investment is that it allows us to be so much more efficient,” Joe says. “I keep using that word, but for a small business like us, efficiency is critical. And in the end, it saves you money.”

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Cabinet painting can save tens of thousands of dollars compared to buying new cabinets, and here’s what you need to determine if the process is right for your home:
1. Are your current cabinets in decent shape?
2. Do you still enjoy the style?
3. Would you rather not have to endure the cost and disruption of a complete renovation?

If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, a cabinet revitalization from Chagrin Home Improvements is for you. The process is quick and streamlined, with minimal disruption to your daily life. Joe says customers actually have use of the kitchen throughout the work, and most projects are finished within a week.

The cabinet painting process begins with a visit to your home for an assessment of the cabinets, then Joe gets back to you with a written quote. Then comes the removal of the cabinet doors, drawers and hardware, which is all cataloged to ensure it’s put back in the right place. Cabinet doors and drawers are taken to the new facility where the magic happens.

Chagrin Home Improvements’ attention to detail shows in its meticulous methods. From carefully cataloging the doors, drawers and hardware, to sanding and expert paint application, the team’s efforts will restore your cabinets so they look new again.

“Here we begin the critical prep process of filling any cracks or holes before sanding every inch to a smooth finish and cleaning the doors and drawers so there’s not a speck of dust or residue,” Joe explains. “We apply two coats of premium primer, then spray at least two coats of paint for a flawless finish.”

While the doors are being painted, a crew member is painting the cabinet boxes in your home using the same process as the off-site facility for an identical finish. The cabinet doors and drawers are reattached along with your existing or updated hardware to complete the new look and change the style of your space.

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Chagrin Home Improvements has further streamlined its professional cabinet revitalization division by investing in a new off-site painting facility. There, the crew tackles the doors and drawers, giving them a like-new finish. (After photo)

“People are amazed by what a new paint job can do, but also new hardware,” Joe says. “It sounds simple, but it really can update a more dated cabinet.”

Joe says that many of the new cabinets may actually be inferior in quality to the ones you already have. And replacing them, even with a lower-quality cabinet, will be much more expensive, not to mention disruptive, than a revitalization from Chagrin Home Improvements.

“All home renovation projects are messy, disruptive and very expensive,” Joe says. “Cabinets are usually the most expensive thing to replace, and sometimes it’s just not necessary. Our process updates your cabinets and revitalizes the space quickly and efficiently with a big return on your investment.”

And if you’re wondering who will be doing the work in your home, Chagrin Home Improvements wants you to know the quality of the crew is equally as important to their process as anything else.

“We can’t achieve the results we do without our dedicated crew of trained professionals,” Joe says. “We take the fact that we are in your home and that you have entrusted us with this job very seriously. This is why we do not hire subcontractors and all crew members are full-time employees, not temporary hires. In fact, they are family and friends who have a passion for this work and this community, just as I do.”

So, before you invest in brand-new cabinets, it just makes sense to give Chagrin Home Improvements a call and let them revitalize your space, instead, saving you time and money with an efficient, professional process.

For more information and to get a spot on the fall schedule for decks or cabinets, call Joe Jacobs at 440-247-6700 or check the website ChagrinHomeImprovements.com.

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