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On the trail

When it comes to outdoor adventures, your footwear should be first and foremost on your packing list. Having the right equipment for a long hike enables you to get the most out of your experience, without having to worry about comfort. Comfort and safety are two of the most important attributes that your hiking boot must offer. Finding just...

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Men's fall fashion is in step at Lucky Shoes

With all of the new trends in women’s footwear this year, there are also many fashionable styles coming to Lucky Shoes for men. Lucky Shoes offers a wide range of popular brands for men that are not only on-trend for the season, but also comfortable for everyday wear. From a day at the office to an adventure outdoors, you are sure to find...

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Back to campus essentials

It won’t be long before students head back to campus. A visit to Lucky Shoes can have you snapping up those back-to-school shoe essentials in one stop. Students of all ages spend much of their day on their feet, in addition to their time in the classroom. From physical education and testing out solutions in the chemistry lab,...

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Working it out

Are you working on getting toned and fit for that beach vacation this summer? One of the most important accessories in your workout arsenal is without question, what you're wearing on your feet. Your shoe needs to fit comfortably, as well as help you get the job done during your workout. Lucky Shoes has the perfect options for you to...

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Get "foot loose" at Lucky Shoes

You don't have to order the hottest trends online, then wait for them to be delivered to your home, just to find out they weren't made for you to "cut a rug" in. Lucky Shoes wants you to kick up your heels with a shoe collection that you can dance in all night. These trend-ready heels showcase some of the hottest styles happening this...

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