Energy savings might be as easy as changing the direction of your ceiling fan

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S&S Heating & Cooling can help homeowners save money with high-efficiency products designed to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills. (Photogrpahy: Felicia Vargo)

By Laura Briedis

The new heightened energy efficiency and refrigerant requirements by the Department of Energy that went into effect this year are making the HVAC industry take steps toward sustainability.

“The new SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) requirement is changing on all new equipment manufactured after January 1, 2023,” says Mark Staron II, who is the second “S” in S&S Heating, Cooling & Sheet Metal. His parents, Mark Sr. and Gayle, founded the business in 1989. “These regulations establish minimum efficiency standards for all air conditioning and heat pump equipment. The minimum SEER rating for air conditioners was 13 and now it is 14, and the industry is adopting the SEER2 standard, which measures the total heat removed versus how much energy it uses in the process.”

Mark Staron II with his parents Gayle and Mark Sr. They offer a maintenance plan and clients are given priority when scheduling service calls and receive a 10% discount on service repair, parts and labor.

Every six years the government reviews energy use of certain appliances and mechanical systems in an

ongoing effort to reduce overall energy consumption in the United States. And when it is determined that an increase in energy efficiency requirements is justified, higher requirements are put into effect.

“While we are thrilled about increasing energy efficiency and improving the environment, we understand the impact that more expensive energy-efficiency units have on the consumer,” Mark says. “So if you are looking for a new air conditioner, you can get a lower cost while we still have 2022 models in stock.”

Maintenance plan clients receive a 10% discount from S&S Heating, Cooling & Sheet Metal when it’s time to purchase a new system.

The good news is all of these Trane high-efficiency A/C units can help cut your electric bill in half.

“More than just helping people stay cool this summer, we help them save money with high-efficiency products designed to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills,” says Mark, noting the company is a Trane Comfort Specialist. “We are a volume buyer, so we get the best pricing and pass along the savings to our customers.”

At S&S Heating & Cooling, the family-owned business is also helping customers better budget for home expenses with its Preferred Customer Maintenance Program.

“We have been offering this program as a customer service benefit, but now it is more important than ever to find ways to save money,” Mark says. “Customers can save money by extending equipment life, preventing costly repairs and ensuring equipment is operating safely.”

New Precision Tune-up Technician Frank Zamlen (pictured right) has joined the S&S Heating, Cooling & Sheet Metal team and will be a familiar face working in area homes on heating and cooling maintenance.

In addition to two tune-ups a year, if there are any problems, these maintenance plan clients are given priority when scheduling service and receive a 10% discount on service repair, parts and labor. “And for loyal customers who sign up for the maintenance program every year, we give them 10% off a new heating or cooling unit when it is time to replace it,” adds Mark.

The precision tune-up is a thorough two-hour service with a 30-plus-item checklist. The technicians tune, clean, lubricate and make any necessary adjustments to keep your units running at peak efficiency.

“We do more than most companies during the tune-up, as we include a no-rinse evaporator foam cleaner that we use on the coil that has a fresh, lemon scent,” says Mark. “Besides smelling great, the cleaner helps improve energy efficiency and removes added stress on the motor.”

In addition to air conditioners, the company installs and repairs all types of HVAC systems, including gas, electric, boiler, steam and radiant, as well as hot water tanks, tankless water heaters and air purifiers.

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