Eyes on Chagrin is leading the area by offering exclusive frames, top-level service, and an innovative treatment for dry eyes

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Eyes on Chagrin offers a leading-edge and highly successful treatment for dry eyes that involves placing amniotic tissue on the eye. (Photography: Francis Angelone)

By Mary Malik

Kevin Kretch has been dedicated to finding the best solutions to his customers’ eyecare needs since he opened Eyes on Chagrin in 2012. An optician himself and the son of an optometrist, Kevin’s goal at Eyes on Chagrin was to provide the highest-quality eyeglass frames and complete optometry services to people in this area.

“When I started this business, I had previously worked as an optician for a large eyeglass retailer,” Kevin says. “I wanted to carry exclusively designer frames here but quickly realized ‘designer’ doesn’t always equal quality. We were having issues with breakage and other problems. Many frames are mass-produced and stamped with a designer name so retailers can increase the prices but often the quality isn’t there.”

Kevin soon decided Eyes on Chagrin would only carry frames from independent suppliers like Jacque Marie Mage, Chrome Hearts, Garrett Leight California Optical, Lapima, Theo, and Anne & Valentin.

In addition to offering boutique frame options and top-level service, Kevin Kretch’s Eyes on Chagrin also has a leading-edge treatment for dry eyes that doesn’t involve painful drops.

“Many of these independent lines you’ll only find here,” Kevin says. “The closest place you’ll find Jacque Marie Mage frames is Canada. They make 350 of each style and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Each frame is numbered so they become collector’s items.”

Kevin says that when a new Jacque Marie Mage frame is released, he receives calls from all over the world from people trying to get their hands on one.

“It’s fun to be able to offer these one-of-a-kind lines of frames to our customers and also have confidence in the quality of the products,” Kevin says. “Whether it’s eyeglass frames or optometry services, our goal is to offer the latest products, techniques and treatments to protect the eye health of our customers.”

Eyes on Chagrin carries frames from independent suppliers like Jacque Marie Mage, Chrome Hearts and more.

In terms of eye conditions, one common issue today is dry eye. Did you know that staring at our phones and computer screens all day decreases our blink rate and is one of the main causes of dry eye? Michele Cianciolo, OD, the optometrist at Eyes on Chagrin, offers a comfortable and effective treatment to help many of her patients suffering from dry eye.

Kevin Kretch founded the wildly popular Eyes on Chagrin in 2012.

“When we look at our screens we don’t blink as often,” Dr. Cianciolo says. “Our tears evaporate, and the eye dries out. This causes pain, burning, blurry vision and alters the eye surface.”

Dr. Cianciolo says patients come in thinking they need a prescription change when the problem is dry eye.

“This is a common condition, especially in elderly patients,” Dr. Cianciolo says. “The first line of defense is over-the-counter artificial tears eyedrops to lubricate the eyes, which helps but isn’t always enough. Next are expensive prescription eyedrops that can cause burning, are not always covered by insurance and are not always effective. The good news is, there’s another solution available that offers successful results.”

So, what is this magical treatment? It is amniotic tissue in the form of a membrane placed over the eye that slowly dissolves to hydrate and heal the cornea. Dr. Cianciolo offers this painless, simple procedure at Eyes on Chagrin and her patients are thrilled with the results.

Eyes on Chagrin is a high-end optical retailer offering complete eye care including exams, glasses and contact prescriptions, custom-fitted glasses and sunglasses as well as dry eye treatments.

“The thin membrane of amniotic tissue is painlessly placed over the eye right here in my office,” Dr. Cianciolo says. “Once the membrane is in place, the eye is covered with a contact lens. Your vision will be blurry for several hours until the membrane dissolves so one eye is treated at a time.”

Dr. Cianciolo says the procedure takes seconds and the patient returns in three days for treatment on the other eye.

“The membrane is taken from amniotic tissue and the stem cells from that tissue heal the abrasions and irregularities on the surface of the eye caused by dry eye,” Dr. Cianciolo says. “It’s a treatment that’s been around a long time and is highly successful for my patients suffering from dry eye.”

The Eyes on Chagrin staff is focused on providing top-level service.

Amniotic membrane for dry eyes is covered completely by Medicare and most insurance plans once over-the-counter and prescription drops have been unsuccessful in treating dry eye.

“You have to try over-the-counter drops and prescription drops first, then receive prior authorization from your eyecare specialist declaring these have been unsuccessful for the amniotic membrane treatments to be covered,” Dr. Cianciolo says. “Once you do, you can have this treatment as often as necessary at 100% coverage.”

Dr. Cianciolo says between computers, phones, menopause and just plain old aging, dry eye is not going anywhere.

Whether it’s eyeglass frames or optometry services, the goal at Eyes on Chagrin is to offer the latest products, techniques and treatments to protect the eye health of its customers.

“Some of my patients have this treatment done a few times a year, if necessary,” Dr. Cianciolo says. “This treatment is making a big difference for many of my patients. I’m happy to be able to offer them relief.”

Eyes on Chagrin is located at 28700 Chagrin Boulevard, Suite 11, in Woodmere. For more information and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cianciolo call 216-292-3937 or visit EyesOnChagrin.com.