Fast N’ Frosty is bringing all the cool summer ice cream favorites you know and love to your neighborhood or special event

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Fast N’ Frosty is the innovation of, from left, Sofia, Nick, Luca and Izzy Garcia-Whitko. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Mary Malik

I scream, you scream, we’ll all scream for ice cream, especially when we see, or hear, Fast N’ Frosty rolling down the streets of our neighborhoods. There’s nothing like the nostalgic tones of the ice cream truck beckoning us all to enjoy a cold and tasty treat on a hot summer evening.

That’s the feeling that the four Garcia-Whitko siblings are counting on when Fast N’ Frosty comes to your neighborhood. Eighteen-year-old Nick and his younger siblings Luca, Sofia and Izzy are all in on the new family business and hope to spread the joy that only ice cream can bring.

“It all started when I told my dad about my entrepreneurship class inspiring me to start my own business,” Nick says. “When deciding what to do, ice cream truck kept coming up. It’s something that brings smiles to people and creates that nostalgia of the ice cream truck our parents described, all while learning about running a business. My mom found one online and we went to check it out. We were hooked.”

Ultimately, the family purchased a truck and the kids got busy designing the mascot and managing everything that goes into starting this business.

“We worked with a local company to design the truck wrap,” Luca, 16, says. “We ordered from distributors, got permits and loaded it up with everyone’s favorites. It’s a nostalgic experience with our own twist.”

As an avid runner, Nick wanted Frosty the mascot to reflect his passion with some snazzy sneakers for a modern look.

“Our plan is to go to neighborhoods and events like baseball games,” Sofia, 13, says. “Also, weddings, block parties and other community events.”

“Who doesn’t love ice cream?” asks Izzy, 11.

The siblings want to share their family’s love for the frosty treat, connect with their community, and learn about running a business.

“This is something we can do together and make some great memories,” Nick says. “And it feels great delivering smiles.”

Contact Fast N’ Frosty for your event at 216-230-7999 or and follow them on Instagram and TikTok. Visit to learn more.

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