Big change, small cost: For thousands less than a traditional remodel, Chagrin Home Improvements can revitalize your kitchen

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The efficient process Joe Jacobs and the Chagrin Home Improvements crew have in place is so much more than just changing the color of your kitchen cabinets. It’s a true revitalization during which cabinets are cleaned, repaired, sanded and primed before two coats of the highest quality urethane enamel is applied. (AFTER PHOTO)

By Mary Malik

One of the reasons Joe Jacobs, owner of Chagrin Home Improvements, loves his job is because he and his brothers and friends get to revitalize homes in the community where they grew up. Chagrin Home Improvements is a local, family business, which has already made a name for itself in this community with its deck staining and restoration work in spring and summer, and cabinet revitalization in winter.

“We were raised in Chagrin Falls and we know the pride people take in their homes here,” says Joe. “It’s our privilege to improve these homes and help people save some money along the way.”

And by “some money,” Joe means tens of thousands of dollars with Chagrin Home Improvements’ exceptional cabinet painting process.

The best-kept secret of painting instead of replacing can refresh your kitchen, making it look new, for a lot less than new cabinets. (BEFORE PHOTO)

“Often people rush to tear out their cabinets and replace them when they want to update the look of a room,” says Joe. “That can often be achieved with a professional paint job instead of investing in new cabinets, which are oftentimes lower quality than what you already have. Let us give you an estimate and you may decide to revitalize, not replace. You’ll save time, money and the stress and disruption of a traditional remodel while achieving your goal of a beautiful new space.”

The efficient process Joe and his crew have in place is so much more than just changing the color. It’s a true revitalization during which cabinets are cleaned, repaired, sanded and primed before two coats of the highest quality urethane enamel is applied in a spray process that achieves a smooth and durable finish.


“We start by removing the cabinet doors, drawers and hardware and catalogue it all properly so it goes back to the right place,” explains Joe. “We bring them to our facility in Chagrin Falls and begin the critical prep process of first filling any cracks or holes before sanding every inch to a smooth finish, cleaning them so there’s not a speck of dust or residue, then applying a premium primer and spraying the two coats for that flawless finish.”

Chagrin Home Improvements crew has perfected the art of cabinet painting.

Finally, original or updated hardware is attached and the cabinets are installed back in your home. While your cabinet doors are being painted off-site, another member of the crew is painting the cabinet boxes in your home, utilizing the same prep process for a professional finish.

“This process can begin on Monday and end on Friday with minimal disruption to your routine,” says Joe. “That’s the real beauty of it. Your kitchen will look new in a matter of days, and you have the use of it every day. We’ve worked while clients are preparing dinner. There’s minimal dust and we keep things neat and tidy.”

Joe Jacobs (center), founder of Chagrin Home Improvements with his brothers John (left) and Mick.

That’s the best-kept secret of painting instead of replacing. It’s convenient, there is less disruption to your routine, you can save thousands of dollars and the end result is a like-new look—whether painting cabinets is all you do or you include it as part of a larger project.”

Joe and his crew want customers to understand how different their experience will be with Chagrin Home Improvements.

“You will see the same people in your home from start to finish,” says Joe. “Everyone is a full-time employee, never seasonal hires, and we learned from experts in these trades. Our attention to detail, quality and consistency is unmatched.”

Call for an estimate and see what you’ll save—and what you’ll gain—with Chagrin Home Improvements.

For more information and to get a spot on the winter schedule, call Joe Jacobs at 440-247-6700 or check the website

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