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Jason Hicks' American Wood Reface does fast, high-quality kitchen transformations—for less

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, there is one option you should seriously consider: refacing. The industry has undergone a remarkable transformation in the past 20 years, led, in part, by innovative entrepreneurs like Jason Hicks of Northeast Ohio’s American Wood Reface. “Homeowners are really starting to grasp the benefits of...

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Spring is on its way, and now is the time to schedule a professional power wash to rid your home of mold, mildew and winter grime

It’s been a warm February, so we’re almost certainly in for an early spring. Even Punxsutawney Phil predicted this back on February 2. And that means now is the time to schedule seasonal home improvement projects, including ridding your home’s exterior of mold, mildew and winter grime. Freshly cleaned vinyl siding and pristine driveways,...

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Varicose veins—whether you can see them or not—lead to leg pain, fatigue, heaviness, and swelling, but they are also the cause of a chronic immune response

Right now there is a lot of emphasis on the circulatory system. February is American Heart Month, and 2024 marks the American Heart Associations’ centennial celebration. These are good reminders that we should all focus on keeping our heart healthy. In addition, March is National Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Awareness Month, a public health...

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Unlike national lawncare firms like TruGreen™, Correy Petz’s EverGreen Turf Solutions specializes exclusively in Northeast Ohio lawns

One of the things they teach in business school is the concept of “price elasticity.” It’s a measure of how much a change in price affects demand. So MBA’s leading major national companies may determine that a 15% increase in price will result in a loss of 5% of customers, resulting in 10% revenue growth. Companies do this all the...

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The Each Child Reads Grant helps elevate literacy skills for students at Willoughby-Eastlake City Schools

Early literacy skills have become a hot topic in the realm of education, and luckily for students in Willoughby-Eastlake City Schools, tapping into grants and national support programs is raising the bar. “The Each Child Reads Grant is a two-year competitive grant that we applied for through the Ohio Department of Education,” says Gina...

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