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At Bluefoot, we specialize in building fast and concise websites that are user-friendly, mobile-friendly and budget-friendly.

By Jim Marshall, President of Bluefoot Digital Marketing

Many local business owners are unhappy with their websites, but don’t know where to turn. Some sites may have taken months to build and cost thousands of dollars yet they’re not what the business needs. Others may have been built inexpensively by a friend or family member who is now disconnected from the process. Still others were constructed by someone on the other side of the globe and it’s difficult or expensive to make updates.

In the worst case, the business owner may not even know who built their website or who has access to it.

At Bluefoot, we’re a local company based right here in Northeast Ohio and we help businesses in all of these situations and more. Over the last 12 years, we’ve built hundreds of websites for local companies in many different industries. And over that time, we’ve seen a lot of changes.

Fast and Concise
Websites used to be designed from scratch with lots of custom coding costing thousands of dollars and taking many months to complete. It wasn’t uncommon to discover that by the time your website launched, it was already out of date.

Search engine algorithms have changed dramatically, too. Gone are the days of cramming a list of keywords on your home page. Google’s bots are too smart for that. They want to see real information within well-written content that quickly answers the questions its users are asking.

Google has also changed the industry with its Google Business Profiles. These appear almost every time you search for a business, and include all the basic information a user would need, including the business name, address, phone number, hours, menu, map, reviews and more. And because Google provides your customers with all this information before they even reach your website, the type of content you need on your website has also changed. Your customers want answers fast and they prefer scrolling to clicking. That means tighter content and fewer pages.

Tell them what they really want to know and tell them quickly.

No Upfront Fee
At Bluefoot, we specialize in building fast and concise websites that are user-friendly, mobile-friendly and budget-friendly. And we don’t charge an upfront design fee. That means you can have a brand-new website with no money down and a very small monthly fee that includes our team making changes and updates for you.

We build most sites in less than 30 days, often in less than three weeks. We work with you to develop the strategy and we handle the design, writing, photography, videography, hosting, etc. And as a sister company of Mimi Magazine, we have access to all of her content-generation talent. We create all of your website content, still with no upfront cost.

Aligning Your Reputations
Many frustrated business owners tell us that their online presence—including their listings, websites and reviews—don’t reflect who they really are. And that’s always our goal: to make sure your online reputation is aligned with your real-world reputation. That creates credibility in the eyes of your customers, potential customers, and Google.

So in addition to building fast, affordable websites, we offer a suite of digital services, including Local Search Marketing and Review Marketing, to allow you to rank higher in search results. We’ll help you“look good and get found.”

If you don’t love your current website, contact us and we’ll help you change that.

Bluefoot is a sister company of Mimi Magazine serving all of Northeast Ohio from offices in Brunswick and Wooster. For more information about a new website with no upfront fee, call 330-220-8610 or email

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