Get a new pool installed for summer with New Image Pools

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With New Image Pools, the wait is over. You could be splashing around in your new pool before summer. But the time to get on the schedule is right now.

By Mary Malik

Have you been dreaming about spending the summer right in your own back yard, relaxing with family and friends enjoying lazy days around your brand-new pool? Is the only thing missing the pool? Gabe Herman, co-owner of New Image Pools, can make that dream come true—on time and on budget.

“My partner, Joe Bridle, and I have more than 30 years of combined experience in home building, construction, landscaping and hardscape projects,” Gabe says. “We’ve worked together over the years and recently combined our experience to focus on outdoor living spaces.”

Gabe and Joe joined forces because the thing that frustrated them most about working for others was the lack of control over the quality of the finished product.

“We felt limited,” Gabe says. “We wanted to have control over the jobs we work on and give customers the highest quality of design and craftsmanship for their outdoor project, no matter how big or small.”

Gabe says it’s this attention to their customers’ needs that really sets New Image Pools apart.

New Image Pools, in addition to built-in pools, also installs koi ponds, decks, patios, pergolas, outdoor kitchens and landscaping.

“We do a lot of listening before we ever start design or construction,” Gabe says. “We first come out to your home and take a look at your space, and your budget is a big part of that initial conversation. We never want anyone to be uncomfortable or anxious about the cost. Give us your budget and once we know what we’re working with we can give you the best ideas that keep you there. We don’t want any surprises and we know you certainly don’t.”

Covid-19 shutdowns forced us all back into our homes and got us thinking about our own back yards as vacation destinations. Pools, outdoor kitchens, decks, spas and more exploded in popularity. Anyone who tried to install a pool in 2020 or 2021 knows it was almost impossible.

“When working for others, we were seeing people waiting months or even being turned down completely,” Gabe says. “You never want to say no to business, but with too many customers, quality is often the first thing to go. With New Image Pools, we have complete control over every aspect of your project, and we’re proud to say we guarantee the highest quality product.”

And by the way, at New Image Pools—no pool, no problem. Gabe and Joe know that in Northeast Ohio, a dream outdoor living space may not include a pool. They will design and construct your space with a patio, deck, pergola, outdoor kitchen and finish the look with landscaping.

Swim ponds offer the features of a pool with the rustic look of a lake or pond.

“Anything outdoor-related we can do. We know pools aren’t on everyone’s wish list,” says Gabe. “We’re working on a project now with a koi pond. We can also do a unique water feature. Some people want to see water but not necessarily jump in or have the maintenance of a large pool. And swim ponds are another option.”

Swim ponds have a beach-style entry that starts at 3 feet deep and keeps going as deep and as large as you would like.

“Swim ponds can have water features, sitting walls, lights, heaters, tanning ledges, even a wave machine,” Gabe says. “They offer the features of a pool with the rustic look of a lake or pond.”

Gabe says pools today are easier to maintain than ever before, with lower-maintenance materials that endure the Ohio temperature fluctuations.

“Pools are fiberglass now and built off-site, brought in on a crane and dropped into the hole,” Gabe says. “And they carry a lifetime warranty.”

New Image Pools can start your project soon and you’ll be swimming and entertaining in your new outdoor space this summer.

For more information, call New Image Pools at 216-527-2443.