Having a spectacular landscape and actually getting outside to enjoy it are two totally different things, and fortunately, Lamphear’s Lawn Service provides the opportunity to do both

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Lamphear’s Lawn Service is always on the leading edge of what consumers want. Outdoor pavilions are now wildly popular and Lamphear’s is installing beautiful money-saving pavilion kits. (Photography: Francis Angelone)

By Ken McEntee

Looking out your window admiring the spectacular landscape that Lamphear’s Lawn Service created doesn’t seem the same as actually enjoying the experience from within the yard. That’s why Lamphear’s has dedicated teams that specialize in installing fabulous outdoor living spaces to offer a private sanctuary right outside your back door.

“More than ever, people want to enjoy their yards. An outdoor living area is a convenient and beautiful way to do exactly that,” says Kory Lamphear, who started the company 22 years ago—before he was old enough to drive a truck.

Lamphear’s installs all the key components of an outdoor living space, including patios, outdoor kitchens, pavilions, fire pits, and, now, in- ground swimming pools. The company’s skilled hardscape installers are happy to provide all or some of those components, Kory insists.

“There is a misconception that you have to do it big or do nothing,” he says. “You don’t need to do a massive project to get the most out of your backyard. We’ve done some incredible projects that are the envy of the neighborhood. But we’ve also done plenty of simple 12-x-12 patios where people can hang out with their family and quietly sip a glass of wine when the kids go to bed.”

Large project or small, Kory promises a beautifully designed living area installed with top-quality workmanship. In fact, he emphasizes, Lamphear’s has earned the distinction of being recognized as an authorized Unilock contractor.

A durable fiberglass in-ground swimming pool by Lamphear’s offers you the best of both worlds: A beautiful pool designed to perfectly fit your landscape and your needs. MT Contracting does the professional pool installation while Lamphear’s builds the pool deck and surrounding landscape.

“Unilock has a great reputation,” Kory says. “In order to become an authorized installer, we had to demonstrate that we met their quality standards and abide by their warranty.”

To ensure the best quality products, Lamphear’s works with trusted partners to install some projects.

“For example, we work with Berlin Gardens to install pavilions,” Kory says. “You can pick out what color roof and stain you want. The pavilions are prebuilt at their facility, and they bring them out and assemble them on your site, so there’s nothing more you need to do once you get your pavilion put up, except to enjoy it.”

Kit pavilions, Kory explains, remove the complication of planning, simplify the installation process—usually a one-day job—and are economical.

Kory Lamphear, founder of Lamphear’s Lawn Service

“In past years, it may have been cheaper to custom build a structure and piece it together with a local carpenter, but with the increasing cost of lumber and supplies, these kits are about the same price without the additional steps of meeting to design it and choosing materials.”

A wide variety of sizes is available, including 12x16 feet, 14x14 and 16x24.

Lamphear’s also builds gorgeous outdoor kitchens that blend perfectly with a new patio.

“We’re now offering kitchens made out of concrete cabinets with stone fascia to match your house,” Kory says. “Another nice thing about concrete is that we can cut the openings to slide in whatever grill, refrigerators, or any other feature you choose, so it’s all custom made, and we can top them with concrete countertops made by a local vendor. Concrete countertops are rugged, and you can customize them with your choice of color. Or, if you prefer, you can have your choice of granite countertops.”

To complete the ambiance—and the heat on crisp autumn evenings—Lamphear’s offers gas and wood burning fire pits.

Starting this year, Lamphear’s has teamed up with MT Contracting, a Brunswick-based licensed mechanical contractor, to install fiberglass swimming pools.

The concrete outdoor cabinets are extremely durable. These cabinets can be customized to house many appliances and accessories. And these can be custom matched to your home’s stonework.

“We excavate and Matt Tortelli [owner of MT] drops it in and handles all the electrical and plumbing work,” Kory says. “The pools come with some real neat technology, like wireless communication for all your pool equipment and auto covers.”

Whether you go with a full-blown outdoor living area or a small patio, Kory suggests accenting the project—and the rest of your landscape—with gorgeous natural sandstone.

“Sandstone boulders give the yard a resort feel, and they also can be used to help with walls and grading,” he says. “We have enhancement crews who specialize in enhancing existing landscapes with new plants and natural stone accent walls.”

Kory, who says he still likes to get his hands dirty in the field instead of sitting behind a desk, said his growing company continues to operate on the principles he founded it on.

“We remain dedicated to giving our customers a high quality of work and reliability,” he emphasizes.

You can start planning your dream outdoor living space by calling Lamphear’s at 330-725-2102. You also can get more information by visiting LamphearLawn.com. The company’s showroom is located at 3344 Pearl Road, in Medina.