Here are Moscarino Landscape & Design's five most sought-after fall backyard improvements

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Moscarino Landscape & Design created this beautiful sheltered deck——a true “outdoor” living room.

By Bill Yurgen

For many, fall is the favorite time of year. The spectacle of trees changing color or watching a winning touchdown is candy for the eyes. Then there are the scents of fall. There’s nothing quite like the smell of a crackling fire on a brisk fall evening, or the way brats and barbecue smell extra yummy when tailgating.

Fall is also the time for the warm fuzzy feeling you get when the person you love needs an arm around them to get warm, and when you know you and your family are making some of your best memories.

Ryan Delia, of Moscarino Landscaping & Design, has a bit of a different take on the season based on many years of experience working with the company’s design team.

“The trouble is that the summer vacations are getting shorter and the kids are back to school well before Labor Day. For most of us, it’s time to buckle down at work and get the chores done at home before winter, which really puts a premium on the limited weekend time remaining to go fall sightseeing or for going to football games,” he says.

Ryan suggests there may be a better way to enjoy this fall and every autumn following.

“What if you could fix a tailgate-style meal any night you wanted and then watch football under the stars and lights the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed?” he asks.

“What if you could skip the trip to the park and instead build a fire in your own fire pit just outside your back door? Even better, what about looking out your back window to enjoy amazing fall color anytime? No drive necessary.”

Enjoy the romance of fall with the ambiance of a fireplace and patio by Moscarino Landscape & Design.

Here are five key elements (use one or all) that Ryan considers important for maximizing your fall enjoyment at home.

1) Make it Warm and Cozy
“Fire pits create an intimate feel for a modest investment. You find yourself sitting around a fire enjoying a meal or telling tales,” Ryan explains.

“For a little more formality, an outdoor fireplace is romantic and offers multiple uses. Just keep in mind that a comfortable temperature is key to fall and spring outdoor enjoyment. We have had more and more customers request radiant heaters be installed as a part of their project.”

2) Plant for Fall Color
“A lot of do-it-yourselfers buy their plant materials in the spring and summer when in bloom and forget all about the fall and winter,” Ryan laments.

“Which is a shame because there are so many trees and shrubs that offer incredible autumn beauty and can be selected for continual color and winter interest. Good landscaping will totally transform your backyard while getting better every year.”

3) Move the Game Outside
“Something else our clients have requested is to move flat screen televisions along with Dad and his buddies outside. Today’s outdoor TV technology is first class and offers a special ambiance for group viewing. You may never want to go to a live game again,” Ryan smiles, remembering how excited a couple of homeowners were for this addition to their plan.

4) Make a Place for People
A patio or deck is a key element. You are going to want to share your newly improved backyard with friends. If you don’t have enough area for people to gather comfortably on a dry surface, you’ll want to add space. Moscarino Landscape and Design can add a stone, brick, paver or poured concrete patio or even a deck to the plan where warranted.

5) Bring Tailgating Home
Moscarino’s talented team has provided so many options for their clients who want to enjoy all of the tasty fun that outdoor food preparation can offer.

“We can do something as simple as providing a grilling area on a patio to creating a shelter for your grill to a full-blown outdoor kitchen that may include a custom built-in for your kamado-style grill, a bar with a wine or beer tap or even a pizza oven. Whatever you do, we’re sure your outdoor sports parties will be a big hit.”

To maximize your outdoor enjoyment this fall, you may want to give Moscarino Landscape & Design a call soon for a free consultation. You can reach them at 440-236-9000 or email them at For more inspiration, visit