Here’s how Jackie Klemenc uncovers all your Disney wishes

Jackie Disney July
Whatever your Disney dream vacation looks like, with Jackie's white-glove service, which is complimentary, she can customize a plan to bring it to life.

By Jackie Klemenc, Disney Specialty Travel Agent

As an editor at Mimi magazine, Todd Stumpf manages a massive amount of content, making sure it’s all in pristine condition—no typos or dangling participles allowed—before the publication goes to press each month.

After he edited my column a few months ago, he reached out to me about his own family trip to Disney, which had been postponed several times due to Covid.

Like most of my clients, Todd’s story was a little complicated. His group included 21 family members, nine of whom were children. They wanted to stay off property to accommodate the children’s schedules and save money. There are pros and cons to this plan.

Staying on property, with the monorail system Skyliner or bus, you can be whisked from a park to your resort in minutes—and you don’t have to pay for parking or a rental car. All transportation at Disney is free, as is parking for guests who stay on property.

I feel people get sticker shock with Disney and sometimes make decisions thinking they will save money, when that’s not always the case.

Todd says, “Jackie was very helpful and accommodating. I asked her many questions and she gave me good ideas about parking, some things to buy and take with us before we went (ponchos being a major one).”

Thanks for reaching out, Todd. I’m here to help.

Whatever your Disney dream vacation looks like, with my white-glove service, which is complimentary, I customize a plan to bring it to life.

There are outstanding packages for 2024. If any deals or specials come out after a client commits to a package, I make sure they still get them. Give me a call to start the magic.

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