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Window covering motorization might be a perfect fit for some people, but not right for others. Therese Kish and the team at New York Textiles can help you find the right solution to match your style and budget.

By Beth Newcomb

While home automation is buzzed about in different product arenas, windows are one of the most popular places to showcase this modern technology. But before you set your heart on pushing a button to raise and lower your blinds, Therese Kish, of New York Textiles, says you might want to be sure you’re ready to welcome this advancement into your life.

“I know it might seem counterintuitive to say, but maybe you don’t want your window coverings to be automated,” she says. “Although most blind companies in the area are really pushing it as a must-have option, automated window coverings aren’t the best fit for everyone.”

The reason, she says, is that the products are complex—and expensive. The measure and installation of the window covering has to be precise. And because there are a variety of different options when it comes to technology, you have to make sure what you have matches with what’s available. What that means is you need to have a home automation system in place so you can connect your automated blinds or window coverings—and that can get expensive.

“Motorized window coverings are great for hard-to-reach windows, like, say, in the family room where light is shining on the TV, or behind the sofa where it’s hard to pull a cord, or in a home where cordless safety is a better option,” Therese explains.

And when it comes to motorized window coverings, you do have different options. You can elect to tie yours into an existing home automation system, or you can simply control them with a rechargeable remote. And since a variety of blinds can be motorized, Therese and her team are able to coordinate motorized window coverings with virtually any décor.

Soft window treatments are an ideal option for any room where furnishings have been carefully selected. The investment you’ve made in better home decor should be perfectly accentuated on the windows.

“We can help you determine if motorized window coverings are the best fit for your lifestyle and your budget,” she assures. “We’re not in the business of pushing people into products that don’t meet their needs. We offer solutions and options. We’ll talk with you to find out what’s important and then go from there. Maybe you need your blinds to be voice activated or connected to your iPhone or iPad and cost isn’t a factor. Or, maybe choosing a gorgeous soft custom window treatment to showcase a room is more important than spending your dollars on technology. Wherever you need to go with your vision, we’ll help you get there.”

One thing Therese promises is that she and her team work to ensure the choices you settle on for window coverings are as timeless as they can be. All of the blind and window treatment products sold by New York Textiles come with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

“Window treatments are like the frosting on a cake,” she smiles. “Sure, the room might look nice without them. But when you have a beautiful window covering made specifically for your room and style…well, there’s nothing else like it.”

Therese says that in addition to blinds, New York Textiles creates custom shutters made of wood composite, or soft window coverings to add warmth and insulation to a room. “We have access to so many different fabrics and trim styles, and every job is given the white-glove treatment,” she says. “We are very precise and make sure everything fits perfectly.”

“Having custom window coverings made can pull a room together like no store-bought curtains or blinds can,” she adds. “When you invest in quality home furnishings, it just makes sense to accessorize the room with blinds or drapes to match.”

Therese is a seasoned design pro with years of interior dressing experience. So, if you’re in need of more than just a fabulous wrap for your windows, she can help you pull an entire room together with style.

If you’re ready to add a little bling to your windows, give Therese Kish and the team at New York Textiles & Interiors a call at 440-235-7460, or visit

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