Here’s how Polly F. is aging better and stronger, with help from the team at MaxStrength Fitness

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MaxStrength’s one-on-one, trainer-led sessions are made up of slow movements on special machinery designed to fatigue the muscles. They are quite challenging, but doable. Pictured is Polly F. (left) with Jeff Tomaszewski, founder and owner of MaxStrength. (Photography: Francis Angelone)

By Patricia Nugent

Four years ago, Polly F. of Rocky River heard rave reviews about MaxStrength Fitness from both her remodeler and hairdresser—within the same week.

“I had been thinking about doing strength training, and the endorsements from these ladies—and their results—made it easy for me to check the studio out,” she says.

Although Polly had been active all her adult life, as a yoga instructor and avid walker, arthritis in her knees was causing her nagging pain.

“I realize the importance of muscle tone to protect joints as you age,” she says. “I have friends who have had knee replacements and I’d like to avoid that.”

Never Boring or Monotonous
Polly says she had never worked with a trainer and didn’t quite know what to expect.

“The one-on-one, trainer-led sessions are made up of slow movements on special machinery designed to fatigue the muscles,” she says. “They are quite challenging, but doable. The trainers increase the weights and push me harder than I would ever push myself. I look forward to coming here. The 20-minute workouts go by quickly and are never boring or monotonous. It’s also a nice plus that you don’t get sweaty, since the studio temps are kept slightly chilly.”

Polly says she’s gained significant muscle tone since coming here, which helps her stay so active. She visits her three grandchildren, who are ages 10, seven and four, twice a week and says it’s fun to be able to keep up with them.

“I feel as though these professionals have the knowledge about their craft to pay attention to what’s happening with me,” she says. “For instance, in April I fell while hiking and hurt my knee. Trainer Steven took care to select the right movements the following two weeks to help safely push through the pain, and it really improved. My doctor says to keep doing whatever I’m doing. And I’m listening to him.”

Science-Based Protocols
MaxStrength Founder Jeff Tomaszewski’s background in sports medicine, physical therapy and athletic training led him to create his signature muscle-building program.

“Numerous studies have emphasized the link between your muscle mass and healthy aging,” he says. “According to a Harvard Medical School study, people typically lose three to five percent of their overall muscle mass each decade after age 30. Less muscle means less strength and mobility, as well as increased risk of falls. That’s why I designed the program around the fastest, most efficient methodology to safely build back muscle.”

Clients schedule two, 20-minute workouts per week on precision computerized exercise machines designed to max out your muscles efficiently. Spacing out the workouts to just twice a week allows optimal time for adaptive change to take place as the muscles rebuild stronger with downtime between sessions.

“Simply put, we work smarter, not longer, to produce life-changing, transformational outcomes,” he says. “Polly’s positive results are similar to what most of our clients experience, becoming stronger, and gaining muscle mass, flexibility and energy. This is a roadmap to healthier aging. The impact is profound.”

MaxStrength Fitness is located at 4212 State Route 306 in Willoughby, just call 440-226-8080 or at 2211 Crocker Road in Westlake, call 440-835-9090. For more information, or to view more testimonials, visit