Here’s how Pristine Clean ensures every power washing job is safe and effective

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Pristine Clean’s soft-wash services include cleaning winter grime from your home.

By Mitch Allen

When it comes to pressure washing your home, there are many good reasons to choose an experienced, reputable company, but one reason stands out: safety.

Each year thousands of people find themselves in the emergency room after being injured by a pressure washer. That’s because the PSI of many machines is set so high it can lacerate human flesh. In addition, high-powered pressure washers can damage your home.

Just ask Ken Wilson, founder of Northeast Ohio’s Pristine Clean.

“When I started pressure washing over 14 years ago, I ruined the siding on the first home I ever washed,” Ken reveals. “It was embarrassing, but it was an important lesson I was fortunate to learn very early in my career. Today, training and job safety are essential parts of our core values. All of our technicians undergo official training through PWNA (Power Washers of North America) as well as apprenticeships and ongoing weekly training by our own staff.”

Ken Wilson, founder of Northeast Ohio’s Pristine Clean

Protect Your Home From Damage
In the wrong hands, Ken says, power washers can damage siding, roofs, windows, screens, plants and shrubs, and inject water in your home.

“Since Covid, there have been a lot of guys out there with pickup trucks starting powering washing companies, and many aren’t trained well. I know. I used to be one of those guys,” Ken says. “They think the best way to clean a home is just to blast away with high pressure, but that’s a recipe for disaster. Instead, we use proprietary solutions and mildewcides to kill bacteria and soften grime so we can use a lower-power soft wash. We then apply a neutralizing rinse to keep the process environmentally friendly.”

More Water Volume/Less Water Pressure
Pristine Clean also invests in leading-edge equipment. “All of our trucks are now outfitted with modern machines that use higher water volume—instead of higher water pressure—to get the job done safely and effectively,” Ken adds. “You end up with a beautiful, clean home without damage to your property.”

Some less professional companies even operate without proper liability and worker’s compensation insurance, leaving the homeowner open to liability.

A Customer Care Team
In addition to full insurance, Pristine stands behind its work with a customer care team dedicated to ensuring every client is fully satisfied. They employ a six-step process that includes a comprehensive understanding of the job to be performed, an honest price and reminders of your upcoming service. The process ends when you are completely satisfied.

“Over the last 14 years, we have grown a lot in volume,” Ken adds. “But our mantra is that we have also grown in professionalism and quality. It’s a journey. And every year we don’t rest. We train, we invest in new equipment, and we get better and better at what we do.”

Siding, Roofs, Driveways
Pristine Clean’s soft-wash services include cleaning winter grime from your home. While you don’t have to paint vinyl siding, you should clean it to prevent dirt, algae and bacteria from breaking down its UV protective coating.

The company is also renowned for safely cleaning roofs, including those unsightly black streaks that are actually gloeocapsa magma, an algae that breaks down your roof by feeding off of the limestone granules in the shingles.

Pristine also cleans and seals driveways and other concrete surfaces to protect them from cracking due to Northeast Ohio’s harsh winters.

Headquartered in Berea, Pristine Clean beautifies and sanitizes homes throughout Northeast Ohio. They are highly rated on Google, Facebook, and HomeAdvisor, and are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Call 440-595-3958 to arrange for a free estimate, or visit All technicians are bonded, insured and certified by the Power Washers of North America.