Here’s how Raw Roofing peels back the layers of what can be a complex home improvement project and offers real solutions

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Whether you’re ready to replace, or you just want your roof to look better and last a few more years, Kim Gilmore’s Raw Roofing ( her meaning of RAW is “real American woman” ) brings the roof down to your fingertips. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

All Contractors Supply Founder Kim Gilmore takes her title of CEO seriously. That’s because the “E” stands for “Empowerment.”

Since starting the building materials supply company in a spare bedroom in 2011, the business has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, the company is headquartered in an 8,000-square-foot warehouse and serves clients all over Ohio.

“After working for one of the largest heavy highway construction companies as a contract coordinator, she saw that there was a need for more minority companies, says Kim.” “Over the years we’ve grown to carry multiple product lines for concrete repair and sealants to contractors, roofing companies and homeowners.”

With their deep knowledge of the industry, it was a natural for Kim and Dan to found Raw Roofing last year.

Raw Roofing CEO Kim recently shared a photo of herself standing outside her childhood home with her team. Operations Manager Jason Lerer pointed out the word “WAR” written on the side of the house. “This word spelled backwards is “RAW,” the name of the company Kim now owns.

Everything Happens for a Reason
“When we met Jason Lerer, who has 20-plus years in the roofing industry and a real passion and expertise, we knew he’d be the perfect person to lead this company. Certain people come into your life for a reason,” says Kim.

Kim recently shared a photo of herself standing outside her childhood home with her team. Operations Manager Jason Lerer pointed out the word “WAR” written on the side of the house. The word “WAR” spelled backwards is “RAW,” the name of the company Kim now owns. She believes this was a “if you see it, you will achieve it” moment that she didn’t even realize happened to her.

Dan says the timing couldn’t have been better to establish a roofing company in Northeast Ohio, and that they’ve been working non-stop since opening their doors.

Since launching last year, Raw Roofing has been going non-stop. But their busy schedule still has room for more homeowners, if you need them. Pictured L-R: Sebastian Nunes, Lexi Crow, Dan Gilmore, Kim Gilmore, Derek Crow, Jason Lerer and Tony Tomasone.

“Bringing the Roof Down to Your Fingertips.”
Jason, along with Sales Manager Tony Tomasone, have re-imagined the sales process into one that’s seamless and convenient.

“We understand most people will only replace their roof once or twice in their lives,” says Tony. “Homeowners often don’t know what’s going on with their roof. That’s why we say we are ‘bringing the roof down to your fingertips.’ We show them exactly what’s going on and educate them about a good, better, best plan following a free inspection. And if someone wants to do a simple online estimate, we do those as well to ensure instant gratification.”

Even with the violent wind storms this spring wreaking havoc on people’s roofs, Jason and Tony report that with their many highly trained crews, they have been able to keep up with the jobs.

Raw Roofing’s exclusive Repair and Rejuvenation System offers homeowners the opportunity to extend the life of their roof at a fraction of the cost.

“A Viable Path in the Trades”
Each day, through her actions in many local and national organizations and earning ongoing certifications, Kim taps into her role of lifting up others to achieve their best.

“I come from humble beginnings,” says Kim. “And I’m grateful for the mentors I’ve had along the way. That’s why working to pay it forward so others can rise in their careers like I did is so important to me.”

A short list of the organizations she is active in includes Leadership Lake County, Women United of Lake County, Mentor Chamber of Commerce, Fast Track Fifty, National Women in Roofing, National Association of Women in Construction.

“I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished through ACS and Raw Roofing and hope to encourage others that there’s a viable path in the trades,” she says. “People would be shocked at how much money they can earn through trade jobs. These are viable and stable careers. College isn’t always that best career path. I applaud local organizations and schools, such as the AWT Alliance for Working Together Training Center, that are encouraging people to go into these jobs. To quote my mentor, Jen Silver, a successful woman in the roofing industry: ‘You don’t have to go to college to be successful, but you do have to have a plan.’ If we don’t pull together as a community and encourage our young people to go into construction and roofing, we’ll all end up in trouble if there’s no one to meet these needs.”

Kim’s daughter Lexi just completed her first year of college and is finding herself wanting to further her knowledge in the roofing industry. She currently works at Raw in administration.

“I love interacting with our customers, seeing the jobs move from estimates to being finalized,” says Lexi. “My mom is a true inspiration to me and others.”

Headquartered in Mentor, All Contractors Supply and Raw Roofing are based at 9350 Progress Parkway. Call 440-897-9411 to schedule a free roof inspection from Raw Roofing, and 440-290-0703 for All Contractors Supply. Go to and for more information.