Here’s how rising star Jenne Haddox, of On Target Realty, is blazing new trails in the home selling industry.

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Without a seasoned Realtor in your corner, you could easily miss out on the best outcome for your situation, whether its extra money, a quick close or extended possession, while you find you next dream home. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

It’s a common misconception in a seller’s market that all you have to do is stake a sign in your yard and the offers will roll right in. How important is the role of a Realtor? The answer might surprise you.

With more buyers than homes for sale, the reality is a wild, wild west of buyers with offers often within hours of a home being listed. Without a seasoned Realtor in your corner, you could easily miss out on the best outcome for your situation, whether its extra money, a quick close, or extended possession, while you find your next dream home.

“I think people have a perception that selling a home will be easygoing until they actually go through it…then they realize it’s not that simple,” says Jenne Haddox, of On Target Realty. “We are averaging one closing every 10 days, and each one is totally different. There are often paperwork complexities and deal negotiations that must be managed smoothly. It’s where experience allows us to shine.”

According to the National Association of Realtors, there are about 200 actions, research steps, procedures, processes and review stages in a successful real estate transaction.

Why Experience Matters
With 16 years of experience as a senior-level marketing strategist and brand manager at Fortune 500 companies, Jenne is adept at developing winning strategies. When she moved to a position at a mortgage bank, she discovered she loved the world of real estate and became a licensed Realtor in 2018.

“It was a natural progression for me,” says Jenne, who, along with her husband, James, and two sons, moved from Medina to Hinckley last spring. “After my initial success, I was able to persuade my husband to also walk away from corporate America for a more personally rewarding career.”

Looking ahead, Jenne and James are in growth management mode, scaling with team expansion, hiring a marketing director, a transaction coordinator and additional agents.

Realtors Jenne and James stay laser focused on their commitment to the client, offering a suite of services.

“We absolutely love what we do,” she says. “When you approach this business with an authentic heart and a desire to really help people, it changes everything. We stay laser focused on our commitment to the client, offering a suite of services and developing real personal relationships that last long after the sale.”

“One of the keys to our real estate success is preparation. Each of our listings is professionally cleaned and photographed with high-tech camera equipment and drones,” she adds.

Jenne Haddox always keeps a pair of weatherproof boots in her vehicle to allow her to accurately assess the value of the entire property, not just the house, by walking it.

Where Will We Live?
Jenne reports this is a question that is asked a lot lately. The good news is she and James have a plan. They are often able to negotiate extended possession for the sellers while helping them in their search for their next dream home.

“Having the extra time allows us to search for the perfect property,” she explains.

This is also a great time to sell for families looking to downsize.

“We often hear, ‘Why would I sell at a premium if I’m just going to turn around and pay a premium for someone else’s house?’” she says. “Yes, you will pay more for any home you buy right now, but if your future purchase price is less than your current selling price, it’s a win-win.”

Once a house hits the MLS, there will be a lot of activity. Jenne points out it can be overwhelming for sellers to keep their homes neat and stay away for the day while they have showings. In this market, homes that are priced correctly sell within hours, not weeks. This means less time away from home for sellers, while their listing is live.

Whatever your mortgage needs are, the next step is finding a great financial partner. Jenne and James know just the place. They have an excellent relationship with Ruoff Mortgage, based in Medina. “It’s important for a Realtor to be in step with the client’s lender,” she says. “Since they are local and focused solely on the mortgage business, Ruoff can turn around a loan in a shorter period of time. That makes for a real competitive advantage to differentiate an offer.”

Based in Hinckley, Jenne and James Haddox are licensed Realtors at On Target Realty. To find out more about their team, visit You can call Jenne at 330-554-1442 and James at 330-573-3569.

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