Here’s how Spartan StormShield saved one local homeowner’s insurance woes—and made a big impression

Spartan Brecksville 16
Spartan StormShield lives up to its tagline, “The roof system to last your lifetime.” (Photography: Francis Angelone)

By Patricia Nugent

When Robert Matson of Brecksville was told he would have to replace his 25-year-old roof before his insurance company would renew him, he called four roofing companies for estimates. One of them was Spartan StormShield. He had seen a sign in a neighbor’s yard indicating they’d replaced their roof.

After Jarod, a Spartan roofing specialist, got up on the roof to inspect it, he found storm damage that wasn’t visible from the ground as well as significant deterioration of the home’s chimney. When he came back down, he delivered to Robert the good news every homeowner wants to hear: This work should be covered by insurance.

To dive deeper, we asked Robert a few questions:

Q: What was the scope of work?

The Matson project also included some masonry work and gutter replacement on the steep pitched roof.

: A new roof on our 6,100-square-foot home, and masonry work to repair the deteriorating chimney and the eaves. We also replaced the gutters. The estimate took place in November 2023 and the roof was replaced when the weather permitted in early spring. With the size of our roof, and its steep pitch, I knew it was going to be a big job. The Spartan team interacted with the insurance adjusters so there was never an argument that the work would not be covered. We had approval in less than a month.

Q: What made Spartan stand out over the other contractors?
A: I decided to hire Spartan because of the time the team spent with me meticulously going over every consideration, their methods and materials. They even demonstrated their installation system that takes into account small details like nail placement and how that affects the integrity of the shingles. I could tell this was a company that did not cut corners. All the others seemed to be in a hurry.

Ongoing training and forging relationships with top manufacturers allow the company to stand behind its work with an impressive warranty package that goes above and beyond industry norms.

Q: Do you feel your new roof adds esthetic appeal to your home and was a good value?
A: Yes, definitely. The crews took extra care to cover our landscaping and cleaned up after themselves every day. An inspector showed up from the city the first day, then did not come back afterward. He could see the work going on was exceptional. Spartan also made a suggestion to install power fans in our attic to improve ventilation, which we appreciated.

Q: In the end, what made you the happiest working with Spartan?
: Jarod told me exactly what would happen, and it went really well. I was happy with the crews who took care of our landscaping and cleaned up every day. I own commercial properties and, in the past, have been involved with roofing jobs that did not go smoothly. I feel the quality of Spartan’s work and the quality of the materials was superior. With the Spartan crew, I felt comfortable throughout the process. The experience with Spartan was wonderful from beginning to end.

Once he met with Spartan StormShield crew members, Robert Matson of Brecksville says he was sold on the attention to detail and professional presentation.

Robert’s testimony is an example of how the management and crews from Spartan StormShield live up to their tagline, “The roof system to last your lifetime.” Ongoing training and forging relationships with top manufacturers allow the company to stand behind its work with an impressive warranty package that goes above and beyond industry norms.

An A+-rated member of the Better Business Bureau, Spartan StormShield is headquartered at 309 Silver Street in Akron. It installs and repairs roofs for homes and businesses all over Northeast Ohio. Call 330-772-7826 or visit