Here’s how to improve your company’s search engine rankings

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The two biggest influences are your Google Business Profile and the volume and quality of your reviews.

By Jim Marshall, President of Bluefoot Digital Marketing

One of the most common questions we hear from local business owners is: “How can I rank higher in local Google searches.”

Unfortunately, many businesses are stuck in the past using outdated SEO tactics that now account for a much smaller percentage of Google’s “algorithm,” the complex programming that determines how you rank.

Website Content
For example, overstuffing your website with keywords and phrases can no longer fool Google. In fact, only a small percentage of your ranking comes from the content on your website. Yes, having the right language on your website helps (it’s important to both Google and your customers) but it is not the dominant driver of how you rank.

Instead, the two biggest influences are your Google Business Profile and the volume and quality of your reviews.

Google Business Profile
Optimizing your Google Business Profile is vital, including being listed in appropriate categories and having fresh, robust content with essential keywords, FAQs, photos and posts. Your profile is the top destination for consumers to discover information about your business, even above your own website. Google likes it this way because users stay on their site and, well, they own your profile.

The Google algorithm is inextricably linked with its mapping software, so where your business is located in physical space is extremely important, especially in “near me” searches. Making sure your address is accurate and consistent across all of the many business listings on the internet is a smart way to assure Google that your business is where you say it is. And we can help you do that in a big way.

Online Reviews
Also important to your rankings are your reviews—the quality, quantity, diversity, keywords and engagement. Why? Because Google trusts them. For example, when someone searches “best lasagna near me,” Google will give priority in its search results to businesses that are genuinely located near the user and that have a high quantity of positive reviews that mention lasagna. This is the perfect scenario.

Mentioning your delicious lasagna on your website is important, but having it discussed in authentic reviews by your customers is worth so much more. Mimi’s Review Generation service can help you garner more authentic, positive reviews.

Getting Starting
There are many other elements involved in the Google algorithm and plenty of strategies to improve your rankings. Mimi’s suite of affordable digital marketing services can help in most of these areas, resulting in a rise in your rankings and greater success for your business.

Right now you can schedule a free, no-obligation assessment of your organization’s current online rankings. We’ll evaluate your online presence then schedule a brief Zoom call to present our findings, including strategies for what you can do to improve.

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