Here’s how you can save big on the gift of holiday sparkle at Bella Design Jewelers

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At Bella Design Jewelers, you can find luxurious diamond gifts that fit your budget. Find out why lab-created diamonds are the hottest affordable holiday gift. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Mary Malik

It’s the time of year for sparkle. And isn’t it always the time of year for jewelry?

Rock White, owner of Bella Design Jewelers in Bainbridge, and his staff want to help you complete your holiday gift-giving list. The staff at Bella Design Jewelers loves nothing more than helping last-minute holiday shoppers, but maybe not for the reasons you think.

“People may hesitate to come into a jewelry store at holiday time for fear of feeling pressured to overspend,” says Lisa Into, marketing manager for the store.

“We are here to help you in every way, and that includes staying within your budget. We carry several lines of affordable jewelry and gifts, and have many items under $100. The most important thing is that our customers are comfortable with their purchase. We want to build relationships.”

The goal of the team is your satisfaction, with not just the items you buy, but also with your entire experience in the store. Purchasing jewelry, whether it’s earrings or a bracelet for a friend or marking one of life’s special moments with a one-of-a-kind item, is truly something special at Bella Design Jewelers.

“We have lines of jewelry from all over the world,” says Lisa. “We carry unique and affordable luxury items you won’t find anyplace else that make perfect gifts.”

Bella Design Jewelers, always seeking to present great choices for their customers, is pleased to offer lab-grown diamonds, a superb combination of beauty and value.

“Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds in every way, identical to mined diamonds with the same chemical, physical and optical properties,” says Rock.

“The only difference is the origin. Lab-grown diamonds start with a mined diamond sliver that develops in a highly controlled laboratory environment using technological processes that replicate the natural growing process of a mined diamond.”

Lab diamonds have become very popular for their affordability, and the fact that they are both ethically sourced and ecologically friendly. A mined diamond takes millions of years to develop naturally in the earth’s mantle. Retrieving diamonds is considered by many to be detrimental to the environment. A lab diamond can develop in weeks and these stones are certified and graded using the same process as mined diamonds.

“Some people feel better knowing the mining process wasn’t used for their stone,” says Lisa. “Lab-created stones have minimal environmental impact, and the price is significantly less, usually 20 to 50 percent.”

And who doesn’t love the gift of diamonds? The lab-created stones make diamonds more accessible for all budgets, and people are often able to purchase a larger stone than anticipated.

“We like to use an ice analogy for anyone who may still be skeptical about lab-created diamonds,” says Lisa. “Ice can be frozen on a pond or you can get it from your freezer. It’s all ice in the end. One process just takes a whole lot longer.”

And if diamonds are not in your plans or you’re not really sure what you’re looking for, Bella Design Jewelers has designers on staff ready to help you find, or even create, the perfect gift.

“Many customers come in with an idea or a drawing of what they want,” says Lisa.

“Others bring in their grandmother’s ring or a family brooch that’s been sitting in a drawer for years. Sometimes something as simple as using a different metal or other small and inexpensive changes can take an old piece and make it new again. We can design something one-of-a-kind from scratch, or redesign an heirloom and keep the family history going with a piece you’ll now love to wear.”

Helping customers make these decisions is where the staff at Bella Design Jewelers really shines. They also encourage people to stop in, browse the collections and create a wish list to make it easy for someone shopping for their gift.

“A lot of men really feel the pressure when shopping for jewelry,” says Lisa. “They don’t want to make a mistake. With our wish list, it’s really foolproof jewelry shopping. When that special someone comes in, we’re ready for him or her with a list of exactly what you want. It takes away the stress of gift giving.”

The whole staff at Bella Design Jewelers loves the holidays. And if you come in any time before Monday, December 24, you can enter to win a lab-grown diamond necklace.

Bella Design Jewelers is located at 8560 E. Washington St. in the Market Square East plaza in Bainbridge, 440-543-5093. For information, check the website,