Here’s why Kevin Wasie, of Exactly, says setting your selling price is the key to netting more for your home

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Instead of paying the usual real estate commission based on a percentage of the sale, Exactly charges homeowners a $4,800 flat fee for listing their home. Pictured L-R: Nathan Ray, real estate agent; Kevin Wasie, founder; Monica Albright, accounting; Ben Walkley, co-owner; and Dustin Ivey, real estate agent.

By Laura Briedis

Many homeowners who wonder how much their house is worth often search online real estate database companies like Zillow to get an estimated market value. Oftentimes, however, online estimates are too low or too high, and not an accurate valuation.

“When selling your home, setting the right listing price is one of the most important steps,” says Kevin Wasie, founder of Exactly. “We view the listing price as a marketing tool to seek out the right buyers.”

Exactly, a local real estate brokerage headquartered in Fairlawn, has distinguished itself from other real estate companies by its in-depth pricing analysis.

“It is a team effort. Our staff gets together to discuss every listing,” Kevin says. “And we video record our conversation to give to the homeowners, so they can see how much thought goes into the listing price. Our non-scripted conversation shows our thought process to help homeowners better understand the market and how their house fits into it.”

Kevin stresses that the ultimate decision of what price to list the house is still up to the seller, but Exactly will provide accurate data for the seller to make an informed decision.

Kevin Wasie, founder of Exactly, does an in-depth pricing analysis of every home prior to listing. He recently helped one couple net an extra $77,000 on the sale of their home.

During the price analysis, the team discusses five points that impact the sale price:

• Current interest rate
• Time of the year
• Inventory of other homes on the market
• How much other comparable houses have sold for in the community
• Unique factors, such as a waterfront property, wooded lot, custom-built cabinetry, etc. that someone will be willing to pay more for

There is an art and science to setting a listing price that comes with years of real estate experience, which a computer program cannot match.

For one Stow homeowner, Exactly helped get $77,000 more than they were expecting. When the couple contacted Exactly, they wanted to list their home for $350,000. However, after reviewing the pricing analysis, they listed it at $409,000. In the first three days of listing, the homeowners received three offers and they accepted one of the lower offers because the buyer agreed to cover any appraisal gap shortage. It sold for $427,000.

“Our goal is to maximize a homeowner’s net profits, and setting the right listing price is one way we achieve that,” Kevin says.

Exactly’s pricing analysis is the first step of its home-selling process and part of its flat-fee package.

Instead of paying the usual real estate commission based on a percentage of the sale, Exactly charges homeowners a $4,800 flat fee for listing their home.

The company has grown exponentially in the past five years from people realizing such a huge cost savings. “Homeowners who hire us are those who have nice homes and have invested in them and don't want to give away their equity to a real estate agent,” Kevin comments. “The single thread that connects them all is people value having a professional real estate agent, but don't want to pay exorbitant commission. Our value proposition is really quality service, for a fair price.”

To list your house or for more information, call 330-615-1414 or visit Exactly Real Estate has moved into new offices at 2998 West Market Street in Fairlawn.