Here’s why the doctors at Westlake Dental Associates say the ideal bite can be a life changer

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Drs. Chrys Constantinou and Jessica Chrzanowski (pictured above) and the team at Westlake Dental Associates spend time educating patients on gum disease, the benefits of a crown and the impact straight teeth can have on overall health. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Adam Cook

Every year, people look in the mirror and resolve to take better care of their teeth before the months and motivation slip away. Westlake Dental Associates helps people hold on to the promise of the New Year by changing what they see.

“Around the first of the year, we make resolutions to improve ourselves,” says Dr. Chrys Constantinou, of Westlake Dental.

“We can improve the appearance of patients’ teeth, but the technology and the combined lab experience in the office allows us to also improve our patients’ overall oral health. The changes our patients see in their lives has an effect on their smiles.”

Form follows function. Properly aligned teeth, or what the dentist calls an “ideal bite,” prevent chipping, uneven wear, and are easier to keep clean.

Crowded teeth increase the likelihood of gum infections. People with crowded teeth also tend to clench and grind their teeth at night. Restricted airflow cause them to wake up sore and tired, and that’s no way to start the New Year.

“The mouth is the gateway to the body,” says Dr. Constantinou.

“Inflammation or irritating factors in the gums are likely to affect the rest of the body. Correlations have been made to heart disease, low birth weight and diabetes. It’s even as basic as chewing food. People who have difficulty chewing food tend to avoid the naturally crunchy healthy foods and fall back on soft processed foods that simply aren’t as good for the body.”

At Westlake Dental Associates, education often contributes to a change in perspective that persists well into the New Year.

“So many of our patients tell us that a dentist has never taken the time to explain gum disease, the benefits of a crown or the difference straight teeth can make,” says Dr. Chrzanowski. “They’ll say, ‘I thought it was just for looks.’”

Cosmetic dentistry, however, directly affects a person’s image of themselves. No one wants to see discolored or misaligned teeth in the mirror. Dr. Constantinou also notes that in most cases there are additional benefits that are sometimes less apparent. Clear aligners, such as Invisalign, straighten teeth while reducing crowding and restoring a balanced bite.

Clear aligners are a remarkable innovation, says Dr. Chrzanowski.

“Even if adults have had metal braces in the past, they can find themselves growing into more soreness and crowding. There’s no reason to feel self-conscious. Clear aligners are transparent, removable and the treatment time can be significantly shorter over metal braces,” he adds.

Through a process of continual improvement, Westlake Dental Associates is changing how patients are seen—personalizing dentistry with precision.

“There are as many different scenarios as there are people,” says Dr. Constantinou.

“Each of us has unique risk factors, histories and circumstances. The approach to achieve the optimal outcome is different for each patient.”

A comprehensive approach to dentistry starts with a more complete image of the patient. Westlake Dental Associates aims for more precise oral measurements each time a patient is seen. A high level of personalized detail puts the supporting structures around the teeth in focus. Through consistent measurement, issues can be detected early, managed and monitored.

“We’ll keep incorporating the new technology that actually benefits our patients—technology that lets us be more consistent, more precise or more painless,” says Dr. Constantinou.

“Just like everyone else is looking to improve, so are we. We hope to help the community with their smiles for a very long time.”

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