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Get rid of that stink with eco-friendly trash bin cleaning

Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention. For Joe Pate, it was 10 gallons of hot water, bleach, rubber gloves and a stinky, disgusting trash bin. “I thought to myself, ‘There must be a better way to do this,’” he says. He did his research and discovered there actually is a better way, it just wasn’t here in...

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Home Appliance Sales and Service sells a broad range of appliances—even high-end names like Thermador, Sub-Zero and Wolf

Home Appliance Sales and Service has long been known as the go-to company for affordable, quality appliances and the first number to dial when you need service. Along the way, America’s love for food and how it is prepared has become a deeply embedded cultural trend. Luxury AppliancesThat on-going food trend has resulted in...

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Learn how Rolling Thunder Window Cleaning is different from the rest

Uh, oh. It’s already the middle of August and there is still so much to get done, including pressure washing the house and driveway, and sealing the concrete. You’ve read a lot in the pages of Mimi about the importance of protecting your concrete from corrosive road salt in winter, but you may not have heard of one local contractor who...

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You know the Guhde name for flooring, but now it’s becoming synonymous with complete kitchen and bathroom makeovers

The term “one-stop shop” originated back in the 1920s, when Americans were looking for a place where they could conveniently find all the goods and services they needed without driving all over town to get them. For Guhde Flooring America, the term means so much more. “Over the years, we’ve evolved to offer design services, product...

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Design Surfaces Kitchen and Bath has beefed up its natural stone inventory, and we’re in love

Many of our most essential products today are relative newcomers to our lives. The iPhone, for example, hit the market only 11 years ago. Google was launched in 1998. And only 36 years ago, techies of the day were awed by the incredible Commodore 64, with its robust 64 kilobytes of RAM. But today’s most spectacular kitchen countertops have...

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